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Is Super Wi-Fi the next step for wireless devices?

Houston Grandma Is Nations First. Wouldn’t it be cool to just be wireless everywhere? It still is amazing that this hasn’t been done more at a local level.

AT&T upgrades account for iPad owner


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AT. In the link it will explain how AT&T upgraded from a 250MB account to 2GB one. Still given the amount of data his device can use and the fact that it is an emergency situation, that might not be enough either. I wonder how much his overage charges will be?

Netgear DGN3500 works great with Macs

Bonjour (software)

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iphone – Anyone have experience with the Netgear DGN3500 or Linksys WAG320N? – Apple – Stack Exchange. Seems to work great. Don’t buy the Belkin Surf and Share. It has a hidden firewall and doesn’t allow Bonjour to work between Macs which means no iTunes. So based on past Belkin stuff, it seems safer to just avoid it.

AT&T gives people more reasons to switch to Verizon

Consumer protection laws often mandate the pos...

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AT&T hates its customers . Is there any doubt that even triopolies cause hurt to the average consumer?

iPads being returned-valid reasons why?

Returned from Bahrain rally

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It is interesting to read reports of people who write about returning the iPads they purchased. They don’t fault the device but themselves. Another gentleman Mr. Mike O’Connor returned it after 3 hours. Talk about buyers remorse! This is an interesting article as well:iPad Returns: Why 50 Buyers Returned their iPads

So what I don’t understand is that these things were available are known before purchase. Why do people spend money and hope that it will make them happy? Can you really just do something and hope it makes you happy? Then if you aren’t as happy as you hoped, just quit it and give up? Is this why 50% of marriages end in divorce? You can read about the pro’s/con’s of iPads here.

  • To buy another Apple product
    • In order to purchase an iPad with more memory
    • In order to purchase a 3G iPad
    • In order to purchase a MacBook Pro
  • Poor value
    • Too expensive
    • Doesn’t do enough
    • Expect the next-generation will be better
  • Incompatibilities
    • Browser incompatibilities
    • Application incompatibilities
    • Lack of VGA
  • Screen problems
    • High glare
    • Requires cleaning too frequently
  • Miscellaneous
    • No multitasking support
    • Applications limited when offline

Why Its Time to Say Goodbye to Free Wi-Fi – Part Two

Wifi network

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Why Its Time to Say Goodbye to Free Wi-Fi – Part Two. Excellent article that helps you be safer if you use free Wi-Fi. I appreciate Ken Colburn “The Data Doctor” suggestion. It is repeated below.

…There are couple of free forced HTTPS add-ons that I’ve tested and work without what you experienced with the EFF tool:

For Firefox users – Force-TLS

For Chrome users – KB SSL Enforcer


I just installed the KB SSL Enforcer and will test it with a free wireless network tomorrow.


HTTPS Is More Secure, So Why Isnt the Web Using It?

Today, the Web and the Internet allow connecti...

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HTTPS Is More Secure, So Why Isnt the Web Using It?. I wondered this as well. It seems that for the cost versus the danger that it would not be worth it.

Apple AirDrop inspired by our wireless sharing system, claims eviGroup founder – SlashGear

Apple AirDrop inspired by our wireless sharing system, claims eviGroup founder – SlashGear. You can find out more about this newest problem with developers. I had mentioned in an earlier comment that one of Apples faults is that sometimes it uses third-party ideas and claims them for their own.