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AT&T gives people more reasons to switch to Verizon

Consumer protection laws often mandate the pos...

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AT&T hates its customers . Is there any doubt that even triopolies cause hurt to the average consumer?

What iPhone Battery Case lasts the longest?

Showdown: iPhone 3G/3GS. No surprise that the heaviest and biggest lasts the the longest. Nice measurements. It is great when articles actually have facts.

How much would you pay for an unlocked iPhone?

Beautiful graphic. This came from the Visual Loop website I mentioned earlier.

White guilt and iPhones

1 million workers. 90 million iPhones. 17 suicides. Who’s to Blame? Magazine. Interesting piece that examines the lives of people who make iPhones. I have to wonder what jobs the factory workers would have if they didn’t make iPhones. Perhaps we would have a green technology instead, and making items to conserve and make the most of the limited resources we have. It is hard to imagine an economy that supported science and technology and human worth instead of capital generation. Perhaps the day once we have pumped all the oil, we might become more wise.

*If you want more details about this car read this post.

Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Verizon iPhone 4: Mind the gap, our tests show

Consumer Reports

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Consumer Reports Electronics Blog: Verizon iPhone 4: Mind the gap, our tests show. This is disappointing. Perhaps this is fixed in the next version.


iPhone 3G turns my router off

iPhone 3G Slider Case Combos

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I’ve never heard this.  rostron71 has figured it out.

Change it to WPA2 as soon as you can – WEP is notoriously easy to hack. This may also get around your iPhone 3G connect problems.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – iPhone 3G turns my router off ….


2009 HONDA Pilot Touring and iPhone4 bluetooth unreliable

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Ziatron found a more reliable solution than using Bluetooth.

I also have a Honda Pilot (without the environment damaging Daytime Running Lights).

I found that the Bluetooth interface is not reliable.

It seems like every other time there is a new version of the iPhone firmware or an update in the firmware to my car radio the Bluetooth interface stops working.

I have since changed to a hardwired dock connector in all my cars. These ALWAYS work.


Just about any car audio shop can install these at a low cost.

They are unaffected by firmware updates, and they charge my iPhone and iPod at the same time. So when I get out of my car I have a fully charged iPhone.

Go hardwired, it will ALWAYS work.

Something like:


via Apple – Support – Discussions – 2009 HONDA Pilot Touring and iPhone4 ….


iPhone 4 Locking Up nothing fixes it

Taken with an Apple iPhone 3GS from Flickr.

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Apple – Support – Discussions – iPhone 4 Locking Up ….  This guy did everything you could do to troubleshoot it.  The Apple genius replaced it.  Sometimes it happens that it’s a physical problem.