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How to use iChat for Screen Sharing, etc (via ProMacNYC)

This is helpful to know. Could save some time and effort if you need to help a family member with a Mac.

How to use iChat for Screen Sharing, etc iChat has proven very useful to me for doing “remote support” with clients. Using iChat one can do Screen Sharing, so not only can I “see” the screen of a clients computer, we also have audio ‘chat’ at the same time so we can get off the phone. More importantly I am able “take control” of a clients computer to do “Remote Support”. I can not only see their screen I even have “control” so I can even move their mouse, etc. as if I was there. Its pre … Read More

via ProMacNYC

iChat tip : MSN in ichat (via Macmaster blog)

Smart guy figures out how to get MSN in iChat. Thanks! I don’t use this but from the major comments(need help setting up Hotmail on your iPad?) he received apparently lots of other people did.

iChat tip : MSN in ichat iChat is a great chat application but it you can’t add MSN contacts, but there’s a trick to do this via Jabber. Since Mac os x Tiger iChat has Jabber support which indirectly supports other messaging protocols like MSN, ICQ, AIM and IRC. What is Jabber? Jabber is an open alternative to consumer IM services. Unlike these commercial services, Jabber is a decentralized network. It works similar to email servers in which anyone can download the Jabbe … Read More

via Macmaster blog

Always set to offline unless i manually …

Apple – Support – Discussions – always set to offline unless i manually ….  Twilight says:

yes! i had to check the “enable this account” on bonjour. i don’t remember UNchecking it..haha

thanks for you continuous help =]

Bugs & Fixes: Fix unreadable text in black Mail messages

So Mr. Landau suggests two fixes for this problem.

  • Click in the message area of the document and select “Make Plain Text” (Command-Shift-T) from the Format menu. While this tip works, it eliminates any hypertext links contained in the text. If you want to save such links, or otherwise preserve the initial rich text format…
  • Cut the entire text (using Command-A followed by Command-X) and press the Delete key. This removes the black background. Next, use Option-Shift-Command-V to paste back the cut text. The text will now be readable, with links preserved.

Error: could not connect to host …

Apple – Support – Discussions – Error: could not connect to host ….  Ralph solves the issue for the poster.  It turned out that he needed to set his port to 443.  Some nice screenshots for you to double-check your setup.

whenever i try to sign in to ichat says …

Apple – Support – Discussions – whenever i try to sign in to ichat says ….

Ralph has lots of suggestions and a solution why this may be a problem.

Need to use iChat in China or behind a firewall?

You can look at Ralphs great suggestions. He is very logical in deducing things and has some great starting points for you.