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Several ways to record Hulu content for your iPhone

How to use Snow Leopards new QuickTime Screen Recording feature to… – StumbleUpon. Interesting methods and comments. Some programs make this process faster and easier. It should be obvious that this is illegal and doing this could get you in trouble.

Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter

Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter. Nice resource if you need to change font formats between Windows and Apple or just have older fonts that aren’t supported.

MPlayer OSX Extended: Better alternative to VLC for RMVB? (via Believe in Miracles)


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Who uses RMVB files? Wouldn’t it be easier to just convert them?

VLC is always my first choice since I switched to MAC. VLC is good enough most of the time; however, It performs very poorly when playing my old RMVB videos, and it cannot display external subtitle file properly. MPlayer OSX Extended is superb in this territory. Work like a charm! PS: MPlayer OSX Extended is not the one in App Store. More

via Believe in Miracles

How to deal with DVD’s from other Regions

Vlc screenshot French

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What is this. You can use the trick in that TUAW article or apparently the commentaries say that VLC also works. Personally I’d use VLC.

Use free or paid mac bandwidth monitoring apps

You can either pay $44 and use Rubbernet or use the free SurplusMeter.

Testing RAM – Mac Guides

Memory loss

Testing RAM – Mac Guides. Interesting way to test a mac for memory problems. If you want an easier way you can also buy Drive Genius or Techtool. I have used these methods and they worked equally well for me.

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service – StumbleUpon

Guy Noir Bobblehead Doll

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Best Free Anonymous Surfing Service – StumbleUpon. Some nice details if you want to have privacy on the Internet. I haven’t used any of these services but I understand the appeal.

FarFinder: Mac Remote Access by web browser and iPhone – StumbleUpon

Working Remote

FarFinder: Mac Remote Access by web browser and iPhone – StumbleUpon. This is an interesting and useful solution that might be easier than other options for remote access to files. It has a 20 day free trial, so it seems worth trying.