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Disabling location services won’t stop your iPhone from tracking your location – TNW Apple

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Disabling location services won’t stop your iPhone from tracking your location – TNW Apple. This shouldn’t be the case. Apple is crossing the line here on what is acceptable.

How much are stolen iPhones worth?

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Sadly only a fraction of the retail price. An easy way to make money for some people. Apparently they work in two person teams. I am not buying another iPhone since mine was stolen from my hand.

Sorry, wrong number [Via I, Cringely] I was in Los Angeles last Friday for TV meetings and lost my iPhone 4. It was on my belt and suddenly it wasn’t. Then in one of those deja vu experiences I noticed that I was only steps from an Apple Store, so I went inside to trace my iPhone using the Where is my iPhone? app. But my iPhone was nowhere. Understand it was fully-charged and I had been using it less than 10 minutes before. My phone was nowhere t … Read More

via A Man With A Ph.D.

How to fix the iPhone speaker problem (simple fix) (via The Blog of Saw Tun)

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Nice low risk maneuver. It is fantastic when people share things like this.

Hey guys, I thought I’d share with everyone a simple fix to an iPhone speaker problem. Problem: The iPhone speaker works fine when headphones are plugged into it. However, as soon as the headphones are removed, there is no sound emitted from the iPhone. In other words, the iPhone speaker doesn’t work. My phone wouldn’t ring and I couldn’t hear any sound from the iPhone. This happened to my phone after it was water damaged. Solution: Find a q-tip. … Read More

via The Blog of Saw Tun

Users report FaceTime glitch causes random photos to appear in calls – TNW Apple

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Users report FaceTime glitch causes random photos to appear in calls – TNW Apple. Kind of concerning isn’t it? Not feeling in control of your device isn’t the warm experience you expected.


What iPhone Battery Case lasts the longest?

Showdown: iPhone 3G/3GS. No surprise that the heaviest and biggest lasts the the longest. Nice measurements. It is great when articles actually have facts.

Nothing screams “obnoxiously rich” like these iPhone playing cards

Nothing screams. So would you go over to someones house carrying all of these? I can’t even imagine having this many iPhones.

How much would you pay for an unlocked iPhone?

Beautiful graphic. This came from the Visual Loop website I mentioned earlier.

How to improve battery life in iOS 4.3, Ping bug Your Daily Apple News

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How to improve battery life in iOS 4.3, Ping bug Your Daily Apple News. This is a well constructed site. Simple solution to this problem. It seems with the last few updates with iOS that decreased battery life was a problem. Traditionally resetting up the email account seemed to solve these issues.

This is an Apple Discussion suggestion from tasa:

I am now showing some slight improvement since doing the following:

1) Shut down all apps running in tne background, completely emptying the task bar. I remembered when multitasking was an issue on the iphone(don’t remember which upgrade that was).
2) Made sure that absolutely everything that could be a drain, location services, alerts and notifications, etc., were off. When I went back to check after my first posting I found some things had been turned back on when I installed 4.3, and “ask to join networks” was on, which I always leave turned off as I have long been aware that this was a drain.
3) Did a complete restart twice.
4) Recharged overnight.

Today I have been working unplugged for 3 hours with only wi-fi turned on, almost constantly surfing and also did some app updating. Power is now at 75%, which is just about right, right?

I am also wondering how much DST might have played into all this?? Maybe not the best time for major system upgrades?

I will keep testing and report anything else I learn.

Some other suggestions:

  1. This Apple Discussions post suggests that updating your router/WAP might fix security settings like WPA2 that might be in use.
  2. Turning off push notification seems to help as well.
  3. Format device and re-add applications. In the past the iOS was sensitive to certain applications that slowed performance and caused glitches.
  4. Create a new user account on your computer and sync to new account. Test to see if any difference.
  5. Reinstall iTunes and resync.
  6. At MacRumors forum here try this: (thanks greenbreadmmm)
    1. Turn off Ping and itunes
    2. Turn off home sharing
    3. make sure even if mail fetch is off that in the advanced settings it is still set to manual.
    4. Reset network settings
    5. Log out of the apple store on your iphone.
  7. iPhoneShine here suggests you do this:
    1. Go into Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendar, tap on the Exchange account name and turn off the 3 switches.\
    2. Back out of settings, then open Mail, then Contacts, then Calendar to clear the connections.
    3. Reboot the phone (hold HOME and SLEEP until an Apple logo appears, ignoring “Slide to power off”)
    4. Go back into settings and turn the 3 switches back on.’