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FBI To Remove Coreflood From Infected Computers (via A Geek With Guns)

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Would you trust the government to clean a virus off your computer? I must admit that I wouldn’t feel comfortable. It wouldn’t be that hard to install monitoring software as well.

I’ll be honest and admit I’ve heard little about the botnet being referred to as Coreflood. Apparently it did something nasty enough to gain the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) though: Two weeks ago, the DOJ and the FBI obtained an unprecedented temporary restraining order that allowed them to seize five command-and-control (C&C) servers that managed Coreflood. Since then, the U.S. Marshal’s Service has operated substi … Read More

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US Police Can Copy Your iPhone’s Contents In Under Two Minutes – TNW United States

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US Police Can Copy Your iPhone’s Contents In Under Two Minutes – TNW United States. Looks like having a smart phone is no longer an asset. Why won’t they release the data?

Ugh! My iPhone is spying on me … (via slappHappe)

Cell phone tower in Nyakrom, Agona District (e...

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Indeed. Why does Apple keep this information? What possible use could they have to allow people to be identified like this?

Ugh! My iPhone is spying on me ... Theres a Mac desktop which displays which cell towers you were in communication with — on a map, by date. The image above shows how I was tracked from February 16th, 2011 on a trip through Amish country (the actual trip took place from Friday 18th through Sunday 20th, so the app reads forward for a period from the date you currently have selected in the bottom slider). Sure, your cell phone service provider keeps similar recor … Read More

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Kwiksets SmartScan Reads Your Fingerprint to Open Doors,… – StumbleUpon

Open Doors

Product News: Kwiksets SmartScan Reads Your Fingerprint to Open Doors,… – StumbleUpon. This looks pretty cool. Could be just the thing for senior citizens who may not like to fumble with keys.

Did you know your Facebook traffic looped through China and South Korea?

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AT&T Facebook traffic takes a loop through China You know if this were 60 years ago and McCarthy was around, he would find this very interesting. I guess this means that AT&T is a traitor for this “mistake”. Right. Guess we need to blacklist AT&T don’t we? Don’t you wonder how the United States is going to have a chance in the world with this kind of stupidity? Our best and brightest monkeys are running AT&T? Oh don’t get me started on Facebook. It has more security holes than a family of mice in Swiss cheese.

Test your browser to see if it crashes and is safe

Browser Security Test – StumbleUpon.

This should be interesting. I just had my first crash with Opera. I had been using it for about 3 hours without a problem. Right now it still is working better for me than Chrome. Chrome and Opera seem to only crash for me when I am using the Stumble! bar.

Phishers use new tricks to snare victims (via The Informative Report)

This is really nice website. It has some interesting content. I am going to take a look at the other articles. It is best not to click on any attachments you do not recognize.

Phishers use new tricks to snare victims To get around phishing blacklists in browsers, scammers are luring people by using HTML attachments instead of URLs, a security firm has warned. EditAn example of a phishing attack encouraging the recipient to download an HTML attachment and provide information. Note the poor grammar, “required informations”, which should be a red flag   Chrome and Firefox are good at detecting phishing sites and warning web surfers via a browser notice when … Read More

via The Informative Report

Why Its Time to Say Goodbye to Free Wi-Fi – Part Two

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Why Its Time to Say Goodbye to Free Wi-Fi – Part Two. Excellent article that helps you be safer if you use free Wi-Fi. I appreciate Ken Colburn “The Data Doctor” suggestion. It is repeated below.

…There are couple of free forced HTTPS add-ons that I’ve tested and work without what you experienced with the EFF tool:

For Firefox users – Force-TLS

For Chrome users – KB SSL Enforcer


I just installed the KB SSL Enforcer and will test it with a free wireless network tomorrow.