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Apple Pie-Mac Mini

Apple Pie-31 by L. Marie
Apple Pie-31, a photo by L. Marie on Flickr.

What a creative and great shot of an Apple pie. Makes you kind of hungry doesn’t it?

2 ways to make Natural Toothpaste

Toothpaste with Wood-Texture.

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Interesting way to save money. I am close to finishing my toothpaste and I am going to try this recipe next time.

Matt Jabs says:

I’ve been using my homemade toothpaste for months now and love it.

Here is my recipe:

– 2/3 cup baking soda
– 1 tsp peppermint extract
– water (add until desired consistency)

Also, I have been gargling w/HP for months too, super cheap – super effective.

My toothpaste saves me about 75% in costs.


via How to Make Natural Toothpaste Ultimate Money Blog- Save Money and Live Green!.

Vitamix donated blender to soup kitchen


Image by elvisripley via Flickr

If you are trying to decide if you should buy a Vitamix or another brand, buy the Vitamix! Why am I so thrilled about them? They just donated a blender to a non-profit that I have volunteered for. Now a soup kitchen will be able to make more food for those in need.

It feels good to give, even if what you are sharing are donations.

Stories from my past: Aren’t I lucky?

Greenlands, home of Henley Management College....

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I once lived with this very funny and cool guy who wasn’t the best at managing his money. It wasn’t always his fault because he often did charity work and most jobs he got didn’t really want to work with his schedule. I don’t blame those business or him, it was just the situation he choose to be in.

I noticed that he used to look through his pockets when he was short of cash. He sometimes would put money in his pockets and forget it was there. When you live with someone you get to learn their little habits. One day he came in and he was frustrated.

“Man that job let me go because I couldn’t work extra this weekend.” Tom said. “I told them before that I needed that weekend off so that I could help that family go to the hospital but they didn’t care. They let me go.”

“That is tough. You always seem to make it through with the help of your friends.” I replied.

Tom starts looking through his pockets and after a few minutes I hear an excited “Yes!”

“Why are you saying Yes?” I ask Tom.

“I found a twenty in my pocket I forgot about. This is perfect. Aren’t I lucky?” he says as he dashes out of the room to go do his next errand of mercy.

I never told him that I planted the twenty there earlier that day. Kindness is its own reward.

A tale of two Customer Service organizations

Christmas Day cheese board

Image by MetaGrrrl via Flickr

I bought some strawberries two weeks ago at the grocery store and they were inedible. Unfortunately the store had a 3 day policy and I tried them on the 4th day. So in order to not waste my money I contacted the company that packaged them to let them know that I had a problem and ask for a coupon. They never responded. So I will never buy any products from that company again.


A few days ago I bought some cheese that had a metallic taste to it so I called the company this morning to let them know. She called me 4 hours later and apologized and asked for my address to send me some coupons for it. That was fantastic.  If you ever can’t decide between Kraft and Dutch Farms choose Dutch Farms.

How to Bypass Megavideo Time Limit

How to Bypass Megavideo Time Limit. I used to watch Megavideo before getting Netflix. It was always annoying to wait an hour before continuing with a show. If I had known that wasn’t necessary I would have watched even more. Oh well.

Sorry folks. I tried all 3 methods plus another website called and none of those tricks worked. I was not alone in having problems with those suggestions. It tracks you by the IP address from your ISP so I would assume that if you wanted to spoof your address, or use another proxy/anonymizer this wouldn’t be an issue. Still it isn’t worth it for me.

Apple AirDrop inspired by our wireless sharing system, claims eviGroup founder – SlashGear

Apple AirDrop inspired by our wireless sharing system, claims eviGroup founder – SlashGear. You can find out more about this newest problem with developers. I had mentioned in an earlier comment that one of Apples faults is that sometimes it uses third-party ideas and claims them for their own.

Stories from my past: You know more than my son

Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur

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One of the companies that I worked for was a university. It was lots of fun to work and some very dedicated people worked there. One of the people who I helped was a mature Jewish lady who I’ll call Jana.

“So the problem is that it does X when I want it to do y.” Jana said.

“Oh no problem. Let me fix that.” I said.

While I was working I was making small talk and somehow I made a joke about this problem not being kosher. She smiled and asked “Do you know what that means?”

I said sure. “Kosher is confirmation to dietary laws or religiously pure.” She seemed surprised.

“You know more than my son.” Jana said. “He isn’t observant. It is nice to see other people who know.”

“Well I’m open for adoption” I joked.

Sometimes people say that things they learn they doubt they will ever use. To me, it isn’t a matter of using or not using stuff. Just being familiar with something is enough to make someone feel special.