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Is Google, Facebook or Apple a good guy anymore?

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Google and Facebook challenge French government on personal data law – SC… – StumbleUpon. This article explores who should control the users data. This is my response to that article:

Just who are the good guys? The government? Legitimate companies? Sometimes the saviors of something are actually the destroyers. According to Fred Wilson Apple is evil, and Google isn’t looking so innocent itself these days. Facebook is clearly selling out its users, and Microsoft continues to foster things that are not in the best interests of its users.

Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps « TotalApps – Everything and More About Mac Software

Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps « TotalApps – Everything and More About Mac Software.This should be a need for people who want to show video from YouTube. Even if you test it before hand during a presentation the speed might not be there. This going the extra step really shows your attention to details.

Free Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X – StumbleUpon

Capture Me – Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X – StumbleUpon. This sounds like a useful way to capture what is happening on your screen for free. I wrote about another product a few days ago that you had to pay for and one that was free, to carry out this functionality.

A red fleshed Apple? Meet Redlove

TechEBlog. I don’t know how I feel about this kind of manipulation. Nature did things for a reason. Maybe this is more prone to insect or fungus or other problems that are obvious. I hope this isn’t a Frankenstein of Apples.

Apple Lied: Filed Patent for Mobile Device Tracking – StumbleUpon

MR Jedi Mind Trick Ride

Image by seanbonner via Flickr

Apple Lied: Filed Patent for Mobile Device Tracking – StumbleUpon. Well this really makes Mr. Jobs statements seem particularly devious. “These are not the facts that you are looking for” said with a Jedi mind trick.

Apple, Google, Facebook contributing to global pollution

Flipped version of MIT Solar One House

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Feeding triplets – Editorials – – StumbleUpon. Coal is such a dirty way to get energy. It is absolutely appalling that we have allowed research and development of clean energy alternatives to linger for so long.

AT&T upgrades account for iPad owner


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AT. In the link it will explain how AT&T upgraded from a 250MB account to 2GB one. Still given the amount of data his device can use and the fact that it is an emergency situation, that might not be enough either. I wonder how much his overage charges will be?

Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter

Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter. Nice resource if you need to change font formats between Windows and Apple or just have older fonts that aren’t supported.