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Numbers and page orientation solution for Numbers

Show the Inspector panel.Go to the 2nd box Sheet at top and youll see Page Layout.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Numbers and page orientation ….

Navigation using a Bluetooth keyboard in Numbers 09

Apple – Support – Discussions – Navigation using a Bluetooth keyboard …. No this isn’t possible.

How to make an existing row a header in Numbers 09?

Barry says

Hi Herbert,Click on a cell anywhere to show the column and row reference tabs.Hover the mouse over the reference tab for row 1, then click the triangle that appears.Choose the first item in the popup menu—Convert to header row.Repeat for row 2.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – How to make an existing row a header? ….

Drag sheet from document to another?

Apple – Support – Discussions – Drag sheet from document to another? ….  This isn’t literally possible but a great idea.  You can achieve this however by following Barry’s suggestion.

Apparently not possible. You can, however Select the sheet in the source document, Copy it, then Select any sheet in the target document and Paste.

The pasted sheet and the objects it contains will be added to the target document.

If you select a table on one of the existing sheets in the target document. or select a cell on a table. the Paste will add the objects on the source sheet to the sheet containing the selected table or sheet on the target document.

How to create a custom cell format in Numbers

GTR gives a clear and logical answer here.  What at time saver this would be!

In Numbers do you need vertical text in a cell?

Barry has a couple of good suggestions.  Sort of obvious when you think about it.  One way is to narrow the size of the column.

Do you want to color background of chart based on day in Numbers?

You can do so with Barry’s great programming skill. He is a very helpful contributor!

In Apple Numbers can you convert numbers into text?

Looks like Yvan has a script on doing this.  Excellent work.

“Such a script is available for months on my idisk :


Download :

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