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Time Machine wont start up when clicked on in dock


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Pondini solves the issue. Other common Time Machine issues can be found here.

That’s quite strange. :(

There must be something damaged in your installation of OSX. I’d suggest downloading and installing the 10.6.6 “combo” update. That’s the cleverly-named combination of all the updates to Snow Leopard since it was first released, so installing it should fix anything that’s gone wrong since then, such as with one of the normal “point” updates. Info and download available at: Be sure to do a Repair Permissions via Disk Utility (in your Applications/Utilities folder) afterwards.

If that doesn’t help, reinstall OSX from your Snow Leopard Install disc (that won’t affect anything else), then apply the “combo” again.

Did you know that Time Machine works great with many third party NAS?

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Time Machine wont start up ….

Timeline not appearing in Time Machine

Mac OS X Leopard And Time Machine’s Lack Of Ne...

EvilGator shares with us the solution. Nice work!

I finally got on the phone with a Senior Advisor at Apple. We created another user account (System Preferences > Accounts). Time Machine worked for that user. So, the Time Machine problem was user-specific.

We went back to the original user and moved to trash the folder <home folder>Library/Caches. From there we went and moved to the desktop <user>/Library/Preferences/
We then restarted the mac. Upon restart, we entered Time Machine and it worked fine. The timeline had reappeared!

Apparently there was something in the Cache that was causing the problem.

Time Machine has had a few issues. The biggest one seems to be this.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Timeline not appearing in Time Machine ….


time machine on a NAS. (via Edge IT)

Nice simple terminal command that might allow your NAS to be a Time Machine volume. This is super easy on Mac OS X 10.6 server.

time machine on a NAS. open terminal and type in “sudo defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1” (minus quotes) then through finder connect to the root of the drive you want to back up for time machine & BOOM. … Read More

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How to restore a hard drive using Time Machine Storage Macworld

How to restore a hard drive using Time Machine Storage Macworld. Nice instructions for the beginner.  If you have never done it before, this will make sure a successful restoration occurs.

Mac Plus reused as a Time Machine server

Mac Plus reused as a Time Machine server.  This is a cute mod.  I wonder why people hold on to Mac Plus for so long?

Time Machine malfunctioning

Use of Operating Sistem at November 2009

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Hackberry68 found that it was VirusBarrier Express that caused the issue.  In his words:

Friends, thank you for all the advice. When I received the OS update, I immediately went to the new App store and found a free virus scan app: “VirusBarrier Express,” which I installed. Tonight, following your suggestion, I removed the app from both computers and Viola! Time Machine works just fine.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Time Machine malfunctioning ….


TimeMachine on Synology 210 NAS


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Apple – Support – Discussions – TimeMachine on Synology 210 NAS ….  So the bottom line is that you need a 1 Ghz network or better.  It doesn’t seem to work very well with a 100Mbit network.  Thanks arv_sydney.  If you need instructions to set it up using Appletalk click here.  Don’t use this solution for more than 5 computers.  The performance cost on your network would probably be too high.


Time Machine backing up, but not really

Apple – Support – Discussions – Time Machine backing up, but not really ….    If you didn’t repair it or couldn’t, then you can delete it and start over.  It’s good to know that it’s a simple fix.