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Mac OS X: Common Pointer Icons and What They Mean

When a widget is added to the dashboard, it ap...

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Mac OS X: Common Pointer Icons and What They Mean.  Very nice list with pictures.  You don’t see the watch one anymore.


Are you getting ‘Your network settings have been changed by another app’?

You can find the solution with Jona here.  Excellent work. “This currently reported problem, which manifests after applying Security Update 2008-06, can be fixed permanently by removing the following preferences files:

Go to Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and delete the following (suggest make copies to the desktop first if in doubt):

All these files will regenerate as necessary when the associated system features are accessed. If you’re using Airport or Internet Sharing you’ll have to reestablish the appropriate settings, because these will have been lost when the preferences files are removed. Small price to pay, however for a permanent, and very simple solution to this irritating problem. “

Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later: iMac G5 fans run at full speed after using single-user mode

From the Apple Knowledge Base. What an easy solution!

  1. Type “exit” at the single-user mode command line prompt.
  2. Press Return.

Need to keep your Mac awake?

You can try Jiggler or Caffeine which are both free.  I have used Caffeine and it worked great!  Caffeine even has a version for 10.4!

Do colors seem out of Wack on your Mac?

It may not be the calibrate monitor settings you need.  Good detective work here.

Limitations to observe with names in MAC OS X Server

It lists them in this article. Still its not too much to ask if you limit the size of the path to 255 for an all Apple environment and 89 characters for a mixed environment.

Need help to determine where the problem on the Mac is?

Then you might want to download fseventer and it will tell you the following:

  • Observes filesystem changes using the same underlying API as Spotlight
  • Provides a graphical representation of the file activity
  • Example use could be to determine what files are changed via software installation, preferences, etc
  • Requires admin access & will only work on Mac OS X 10.4+ i.e. “Tiger”, “Leopard”, or “Snow Leopard”