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iTunes Mute Problem – iTunes mutes itself (via )

Normally for a problem like this uninstalling all Apple software and reinstalling might fix the problem. The iTunes installer on Windows seems to be sensitive to the order of Apple software installation.

This same problem has been reported since 2005 See below My setup is as following Windows XP 2002 SP3 i … Read More


iMovie 09 Introductory lessons

iMovie 09 – StumbleUpon. This has some interesting introductory information on how to use iMovie. It is a few years out of date, but still is useful. Has other good information about iDVD and iWeb as well.


iTunes cannot connect to remote speakers

Speakers and Mike

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Ken Clarke shared a solution that worked for some people and didn’t work for others. The ones that it didn’t work for perhaps have two routers/switches. Also this can have problems because of this.

Hi Guys

This is a quick post with a problem & solution.

I’ve been searching for ages tonight to find a solution to my problem:
iTunes suddenly cannot connect to my Airport Express Speakers” and could not find one answer on here, only a mixture of replies all over the net.

So, just incase some people are still looking for an answer:
What I did…
1. Go to System Preferences, Network.
2. Click Advanced, on the TCP/IP tab, set “Configure IPv6” to Off.
Open up Airport Utility, go to the Music tab, set a password (I did this just for the sake of seeing whether iTunes noticed that the Airport was now password protected, then atleast you know it’s talking!)
3. Open iTunes, go to preferences.
4. Click on the devices tab, untick “Look for remote speakers connected with Airplay, Allow iTunes control from Remote Speakers, Forget All Remotes.
5. Close iTunes
6. Open iTunes, retick “Look for remote speakers connected with Airplay, Allow iTunes control from Remote Speakers, Forget All Remotes.
7. Connect to remote speakers worked!

via Apple – Support – Discussions – iTunes cannot connect to remote ….

How to Share Your iPhoto Library From Networked Storage MacLife

How to Share Your iPhoto Library From Networked Storage MacLife. Nice writeup.  Easy to follow if you need to have this functionality.

Help not working in Snow Leopard


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Apple – Support – Discussions – Help not working …. Drosser points out the solution.

defaults write WebKitJavaScriptEnabled 1

Multiple ways to access iPhotos

Apple – Support – Discussions – Howq do I attach a picture to gmail? …. Mr. Terence Devlin has produced a through description of how to access iPhotos.  Nice writeup.

iTunes update kills network interface – Windows 7

Madge 4/16Mbps TokenRing ISA NIC.

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Apple – Support – Discussions – iTunes update kills network …. TG10987 has the solution.  Nice write up.

I have resolved this.

For anyone having the issue, here’s what appears to be happening based on running iTunes setup with verbose logging turned on and watching the time when the network interface dies.

During the installation, iTunes installs some network components related to mobile device support over ethernet(Apple Mobile DeviceEthernet Service – netaapl.inf). At the same time, according the logs, the install process removed OEM18.inf. This almost exactly coincided with the time that I saw the network connection die (preceded it by a few seconds).

Basically, iTunes appears to be removing a required network component.

After installing iTunes and the network connection breaking, remove the network device from Device Manager and allow Windows to reinstall it automatically.

The following instructions are for Windows 7, but they are close enough to follow for other versions of Windows.

1. Click the Start button (Jewel in Vista and Win7).
2. Right-click Computer and click Manage in the menu that appears (type your password or click Yes if prompted).
3. On the left side of hte Computer Management window, click Device Manager.
4. Click the arrow (or plus sign) next to Network Adapters to expand that section.
5. Right-click your network adapter and click Uninstall in the menu that appears.
6. Click OK.
7. Reboot.

Errors appear when you download songs from the iTunes Store

Cover used at the German iTunes Music Store

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Errors appear when you download songs from the iTunes Store. This fixed the error 5002 for me.  I followed the first suggestion about permissions on the iTunes folder and it worked like a charm!