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Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps « TotalApps – Everything and More About Mac Software

Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps « TotalApps – Everything and More About Mac Software.This should be a need for people who want to show video from YouTube. Even if you test it before hand during a presentation the speed might not be there. This going the extra step really shows your attention to details.

Netgear DGN3500 works great with Macs

Bonjour (software)

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iphone – Anyone have experience with the Netgear DGN3500 or Linksys WAG320N? – Apple – Stack Exchange. Seems to work great. Don’t buy the Belkin Surf and Share. It has a hidden firewall and doesn’t allow Bonjour to work between Macs which means no iTunes. So based on past Belkin stuff, it seems safer to just avoid it.

iTunes Mute Problem – iTunes mutes itself (via )

Normally for a problem like this uninstalling all Apple software and reinstalling might fix the problem. The iTunes installer on Windows seems to be sensitive to the order of Apple software installation.

This same problem has been reported since 2005 See below My setup is as following Windows XP 2002 SP3 i … Read More


Do you want to text to a group for free on the iPhone?

Disco Messenger for iPhone on the iTunes App Store. Pretty good reviews at the moment. This could be a great way for any kind of group management.

6 apps for taking control of your Mac iTunes experience – TNW Apps

6 apps for taking control of your Mac iTunes experience – TNW Apps. Some interesting choices. Many of them cost money but a few are shareware.


For The Dos-hardened, Macintosh A Luxury Item – Chicago Tribune

Macintosh Performa 460

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For The Dos-hardened, Macintosh A Luxury Item – Chicago Tribune. The first time he bought a Performa 400. I wonder if he still uses a Mac? That was then. Chicago and Macs are great aren’t they? This is a 460 but the closest image I could find.

YouTube – Eddie Izzard – iTunes

Eddie Izzard at The Lyric Theatre, 2nd Decembe...

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YouTube – Eddie Izzard – iTunes. He has some very funny jokes about the Macintosh computer. It is strange to see him without a dress. His entire Live From Madison Square Garden show is on Netflix and funny. Dressed to Kill is his prime work though.

Downgrade from the iPhone (via Short Skirts)

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She is braver and more honest than many of us. I find myself sometimes addicted to go online as well. I have to set limits or I can easily find myself going overboard. I went to the library to get some books today and I planned to read them. Then I said to myself “I’ll just check email” and that was 2 hours ago. Now I am going to go read.

Why would anyone in their right mind choose to sell their iPhone in exchange for a $10 Nokia cell phone? Well, I am not sure if I am the type of person that could be classified as having a “right mind” in general, but I have chosen to downgrade. A few days ago, while contemplating my nebulous future, I realized that I was carrying around a phone that was worth almost 500 dollars (my iPhone 4G, which I just upgraded, ironically) and also required … Read More

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