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Menu flicker in iDVD


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Tim Wierenga figured it out.

I use the external as storage for the project. I boot from the computer.

You were right on the suggestion that this laptop may not have enough power. I tried it on the Church iMac and the menus were fine.

It is disappointing that iDVD will not work well on a 5 year old machine.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Menu flicker ….

Thinking of burning an iDVD on Snow Leopard?

DVD-R bottom side

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Hours and hours to burn DVD. Really? ….  Some great information about times and ways to be more efficient.  Nice details!

iLife’11 won’t burn iDVD’s

Need more space

Apple – Support – Discussions – Multiplexing and burning error ….  SDMacuser solves the issue:

Have you tried disposing of the plist for iDvd yet? It’s located in your Home folder (the one that looks like a house) > Library > Preferences >

Make sure to quit iDvd prior to disposing of the plist. This procedure will not harm your mac nor the app. Lastly I’d like you to Restart your mac and try iDvd one more time. Post back if you need further help.


How can you put iDVD created with iDVD into the iPad?

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Niels solution worked for the poster.

If you dont have the source material, use MPEG Streamclip and Apples MPEG2 playback component to convert the VOB files on the DVDs to MPEG-4, move the MPEG-4s into iTunes, and sync the iPad.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Puting iDVD created with iDVD onto iPad ….

Are your iDVD movies freezing?

Bengt has some great solutions to solve this.  Also you should avoid Memorex and try Verbatim.  Following his suggestions solved the issues for the poster.

How To Add Music To Your Apple IDVD Slideshow

This is a great video that shows you step by step how to do this.  You should pop over here.

Getting error 34506 in iDVD 6?

Could be many issues.  This thread lists many of them.  SDlillini has these suggestions.  Thanks!

Follow the chapter rules:

*Make sure no chapter markers are within two seconds of the start or end of the timeline.
*Make sure no chapter markers are within a transition.
*Make sure no chapter markers are within two seconds of the end of a transition.
*Make sure you do not have the “Share selected Clips” option checked when preparing to share to iDVD

Make sure you have lots of free space on your startup drive, 20GB recommended

Close iDVD, then:
Delete your iDVD plist (preference) file (Found in User / Library / Preferences) “”

Try save as disk image and burn that.

Does your iDVD 7.0 Burned DVD have interlacing, pixelation, or image quality issues?

It could be due to the upscaling that it is doing when being asked to display a higher than native resolution.  For a brief explanation you can read this Apple Knowledge base article.