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Is Super Wi-Fi the next step for wireless devices?

Houston Grandma Is Nations First. Wouldn’t it be cool to just be wireless everywhere? It still is amazing that this hasn’t been done more at a local level.

Why Its Time to Say Goodbye to Free Wi-Fi – Part Two

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Why Its Time to Say Goodbye to Free Wi-Fi – Part Two. Excellent article that helps you be safer if you use free Wi-Fi. I appreciate Ken Colburn “The Data Doctor” suggestion. It is repeated below.

…There are couple of free forced HTTPS add-ons that I’ve tested and work without what you experienced with the EFF tool:

For Firefox users – Force-TLS

For Chrome users – KB SSL Enforcer


I just installed the KB SSL Enforcer and will test it with a free wireless network tomorrow.


Using Bluetooth stereo headphones with a Mac or iPhone

Using Bluetooth stereo headphones with a Mac or iPhone. The review says both “yes” and “no”. I have never been impressed with Bluetooth and too often it seems to get interference. I worked at a company that tried to use Bluetooth earpieces and they were always problematic even though they cost a great deal of money. I would avoid it.

New ATT DSL modem and Router (via andybingley)

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My six-year-old equipment broke and I bought a netgear router. They told me the same thing too that they wouldn’t replace the equipment. Next time I will switch to the competition. I will be ending my ATT wireless/internet access next month. I can’t take it not working anymore. The $35 Netgear works far better than AT&T’s gatewire combo.

After months of fighting with an 8 year old modem from AT&T they finally relented and sent me a new DSL modem and wireless router.  FOR FREE!  I had called multiple times requesting a new modem and the standard canned answer was “we don’t give away free equipment”. Finally, after doing some research, I found a deal from Comcast that is the same speed and price.  I didn’t want to change services, but they were giving me no option.  After my 49 … Read More

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Airport Express slow or showing a 169.x.x.x address?

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You aren’t alone.  An extensive discussion of this problem and other experiences with Apple Express/Extreme hardware at this Macintouch thread. Sammy Banos is typical of people who had this problem and suggested a workaround:

I too updated my Airport Express to firmware 7.5.2 yesterday evening. I’m using the AE as “connected to an existant wireless network“, giving the AE a static IP adress. As you may have guessed, I too experienced the IP changed to the APIPA thing, ie 169.x.x.x.

After going through some forums it appears that this configuration (join wireless network, static IP) is the troublemaker… added to the performance issues other experienced.

My best advice is to stay away from that 7.5.2 firmware and expect Apple hear our pleas (their forum is already filled up on the problem) and release a corrective firmware.
For those who already upgraded, revert to 7.4.2, and you should retrieve the Airport you first loved.


Cisco: Puppy cams threaten Internet

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Cisco: Puppy cams threaten Internet.  Provocative title isn’t it?  It does seem to have some basis in reality according to the link above.  I really wonder how effective passive monitoring is.


Change or Modify Bluetooth Device hardware MAC address Siddharth Abbineni

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Change or Modify Bluetooth Device hardware MAC address Siddharth Abbineni.  Interesting information.  It would be nice to have sharable Bluetooth devices between devices like he is suggesting.


Bluetooth: Not available in System Profiler

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Bluetooth: Not available ….  So it appears to be that repairing permissions fixes the issue.  Interesting.