Blog Archives lists the top 20 SSD companies – Jan 2011 edition – StumbleUpon

The Mtron SSD

Image via Wikipedia lists the top 20 SSD companies – Jan 2011 edition – StumbleUpon. This is a helpful list if you need to research SSD’s and thinking of buying one. Really almost any SSD will make a big difference in the performance and data safety of your work.

Japanese Scientists Create Elastic Water – StumbleUpon

Japanese Scientists Create Elastic Water – StumbleUpon. Elastic water could replace plastic? That would be wonderful. Plastic is great, except that part where it doesn’t decompose.

Are tech companies earth friendly?

International Recycle Symbol

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Tech Goes Strong – StumbleUpon. This article explores some of the questions and challenges that becoming earth friendly cause. He nicely explains and gives examples and there is certainly some truth to what he says. I responded to it with a comment and said:

There is some truth that companies “Greenwash” their products and things that they fought against in the past. It is also true that it takes time to work the mindset of recycling into people. I am fairly young and sometimes I forget to recycle. It isn’t that people don’t care about the world they pass onto their children or relatives, it is just that being a mature adult is sometimes boring and people hate that.

If people were rewarded immediately, directly for recycling in a concrete way then everyone would do it. I am lucky enough to live at a place that pay people for their bottles that they recycle. If more places had that, people would recycle. But to the average person getting a store to pay them 5 cents to recycle a bottle isn’t worth it. Nor is the time/administrative expense to change the current way of doing business.

It is difficult to get people to see that saving money is as important as making it. I work as a consultant and explain how they can save money if they switch technologies and invest and the hard numbers to prove they will make the investment back in a few months. Do you know what most people do? “Oh well, let me think about it.” People are afraid of the unknown and we can’t push people to change. People change at their own pace.

There are so many great technologies that just haven’t been given support due to the same kind of thinking that causes other problems. “Good enough” isn’t good enough when it poisons the present and future. Take for instance this talk from TED.

How many people do you think are doing this when it would not only increase their health and energy but others as well? If that isn’t enlightened self-interest I don’t know what is.

interior design in purple

interior design by leasaunt
interior design, a photo by leasaunt on Flickr.

It is beautiful. Purple is such a rich color isn’t it?

Inventor Creates Way to Build Houses with Pollution – StumbleUpon

Inventor Creates Way to Build Houses with Pollution – StumbleUpon. What a great way to spend your time and help humanity. Kind of makes you want to be an inventor doesn’t it?

See the ground open and close in Japan

Broken asphalt road by Chuetsu Earthquake, 200...

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Crazy Video Of The Ground Shifting During The Japanese Quake VIDEO – StumbleUpon. Pretty dramatic footage of the ground opening and closing. If you have never been in an earthquake (raises hand) pretty fascinating. The dog is barking which is a nice warning as well.

What is the Click-Through Rate on Googles Top 10 Organic Results?… – StumbleUpon

What is the Click-Through Rate on Googles Top 10 Organic Results?… – StumbleUpon. That would be amazing to be #1. I may not ever get it but I respect any website that has things that are benefiting people’s lives. It is really something to find such useful information on the Internet and be able to help without paying money. I appreciate those companies that really invest in the writing.

AT&T upgrades account for iPad owner


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AT. In the link it will explain how AT&T upgraded from a 250MB account to 2GB one. Still given the amount of data his device can use and the fact that it is an emergency situation, that might not be enough either. I wonder how much his overage charges will be?