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Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps « TotalApps – Everything and More About Mac Software

Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps « TotalApps – Everything and More About Mac Software.This should be a need for people who want to show video from YouTube. Even if you test it before hand during a presentation the speed might not be there. This going the extra step really shows your attention to details.

Mixing landscape and portrait layouts in Apple Pages (via throwable)

Mac OS Leopard

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Clever work around to fix this issue. This webpage has a ton of Leopard related troubleshooting as well. Might be worth a look if you are having a Mac OS X Leopard issue.

Incredibly, Pages ’09 does not seem to support mixing landscape and portrait-oriented pages in the same document, even when using layout breaks. The best workaround I could find is to insert a text box and then rotate it 270°. If you need the landscape-oriented text to span multiple pages, you can link text boxes across pages (select the first text box and then click on the blue arrow below the rotated text box to add the next text box). One draw … Read More

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“Ghost” page numbers on every second page

Command key

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So Jerrold Green1 figured it out:

Sometimes in the process of importing from Word, page numbers are improperly converted to Master Objects or Background Objects. Go to Format > Advanced > Make Master Objects Selectable. Then, with the cursor in the Margin of the document, press the Command Key (Cursor changes to an Arrow) and drag the cursor diagonally across the page number to select it. Then press the Delete key and the number should be gone. You need to check carefully to make sure that you have eliminated all the instances. There may be one per Section.

via Apple – Support – Discussions –.


Create a gift journal in Pages 09 Printers Creative Notes Macworld

Create a gift journal in Pages 09 Printers Creative Notes Macworld.  Nice tutorial.  It shows me step by step on how to do this.

Pages webdav cert issue???

China National Aero-Technology Import & Export...

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jlbunting solved the issue:

I was the one who first started this thread. I want to report, I figured out how to get WebDav working on Pages. All I had to do was upgrade to 4.2 and install Pages 1.3. This fixed the WebDav certificate issues I was having. Now I can login and import/export to WebDav. I can access the folder on my computer and it works perfect. I am using Bluehost and Webdisk for the WebDav.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – pages webdav cert issue??? ….



Creating alphabetical Lists in Pages.

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Thanks Chris CA.

Do this…

Select everything in the list.
Go to menu Format > Table > Convert text to table
Select all cells
Go to the Inspector.
Select Table icon (7th across the top)
Under the Table tab, click the gear after Edit Rows & Columns drop down and select Sort Ascending (or Descending)
Go to menu Format > Table > Convert table to text

Or it is in the Services menu also. (just saw that)

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Alphabetical Lists ….


Two ways to convert .pages to word.

Method 1:  Thanks Jacko30!

If you rename the pages file to zip and open it, the is a pdf in there. in the quicklook folder.

via convert pages to word – MacTalk Forums.

Method 2:

on open theDocuments repeat with aDocument in theDocuments tell application "Pages" open aDocument set thePath to the path of the front document set theWordPath to thePath & ".doc" save the front document as {"doc", "SLDocumentTypeMSWord"} in theWordPath close the front document saving no end tell end repeat end open


Numbers and page orientation solution for Numbers

Show the Inspector panel.Go to the 2nd box Sheet at top and youll see Page Layout.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Numbers and page orientation ….