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Another iSight and Flash issue

Apple FireWire webcam

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If your iSight and Flash don’t seem to be working well together youc an use TO_Gary advice to solve the issue.  It worked for MattyEss problem.

I’ve been feeling that frustration for weeks.

Here is what I did to resolve.
-Spotlight search for the word google.
-Show All results
change finder to File Name (not Contains)
Add ‘System Files – ARE INCLUDED’ to the search
In your results.. erase everything that is attached to google and / or google chrome products (leave the mail and text docs and google items in non-google folders (took me 5 minutes). delete All of it.

I re-installed Safari just to be safe and there – isight cam works on every website again.

I have having to do this leg work for these companies making so much money – my time is just as valued as theirs – stay outta my computer!!!!

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Another iSight and Flash issue ….


iSight camera not working with Flash sites Browsers

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iSight camera not working with Flash sites Browsers.  Some good suggestions.  I would start by installing the 64 bit flash download myself.


Two ways to Disable iSight

Apple FireWire webcam

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Disable iSight ….

1.  Use Parental Controls

2.  You do not tell us which Mac and Mac OS you are using.

If you have a built-in iSight and have removed the “QuickTimeUSBVDCDIgitizer.component” file from your computer’s HardDriveName > System > Library > QuickTime folder, restart your Mac and try again. Your built-in iSight should no longer work with any app.

If you are using external (Firewire) iSight, you need only unplug the Firewire cable to disable your iSight.  (Thanks EZ Jim)


After iSight Firmware update, still getting message to install update.

Ok.  Follow the instructions by petermacc “1. You do NOT need to open the case and remove the graphics boards.

2. What you MUST do is remove the Mini DisplayPort AND THE USB for extra screen. If you leave the USB connected it still thinks the screen is there !!

3. Run the update with the first screen’s Mini DisplayPort and USB connected. Continue through the whole update cycle until you get the ‘update completed’ pop-up. Then unplug that screen and connect the Mini Displayport and USB for the next screen and repeat the exercise.

4. Plug in both screens and reboot. Check in the ‘About this Mac’ in ‘more info’ under the USB section of hardware that when you click on the ‘Display isight’ that it shows Version 2.31 for both screens/cameras.”