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The Technium: Born Digital – StumbleUpon

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

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The Technium: Born Digital – StumbleUpon. Cute kid using an iPad. I wrote more about that here.

Enabling Restrictions on iPad

IPad Tools, Tips and Fixes for iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod – StumbleUpon. I liked the first design of this site more than the current one. It looks like every other blog now which is kind of boring.

Gaming Is the Most Popular Use For Tablets – Slashdot

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Gaming Is the Most Popular Use For Tablets – Slashdot. According to a survey 84% of tablet owners play games. Rich boys with their toys.

How the Luxury Industry is Using the iPad – Luxury Society – Blog

Backside of a exquisite golden Louis George wr...

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How the Luxury Industry is Using the iPad – Luxury Society – Blog. It is things like this that give Apples its deserved luxury status. I think a little of it is also wanting to seem “modern and creative” that using Apple implies. For some companies like Google using Apple is a security consideration. I expect that more companies will make this choice as well. The first powerbook the G3 250 was $7000 when it first came out in 1997. Two years later it was $3000. I wonder if the iPad will follow the same trajectory?

Error 1013 on iDevice restore FIX! [MAC] (via AppleModo – Latest Apple News)

Apple Terminal

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Thanks for helping to find this problem. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a troubleshooting step in addition to these error numbers? No I’m not trying to stuff this article with keyword density. I have seen websites that do that and it is complete garbage.

So many gets this error message, and in this tutorial I’m showing you how to solve it. This error comes while updating to 4.3/4.2.1 and I was looking all over the net until I find out thru So big thanks to them.     Open Type: sudo nano /etc/hosts Find lines with “” (using the Arrow keys) and add # in front of them. Now hit CTRL+O Done enjoy restore!     … Read More

via AppleModo – Latest Apple News

Why would you want vmware on your iPad?

VMware brings virtual machines to iPad. Now this might make a great tool for doctors or nurses. I can see how being able to access Windows services or custom applications on the iPad could transform the way people work. These kind of tools really turn the iPad into a useful tool. Read more here.

Icons on the desktop? New or old idea?

The Picture Overflow at Kontraband – Page 14. I wondered about this as well. I don’t believe in icons on the desktop. That’s part of the reason I don’t like the iPad.

iPad 2 vs. original iPad: whats changed? — Engadget

iPad Display Item

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iPad 2 vs. original iPad: whats changed? — Engadget. NIce comparison chart. Great work gentlemen. Has anyone saved money or recouped their investment by buying one?

I guess for me, it is hard to justify buying an iPad when the Macbook does so much more. For a couple hundred more, I get so much more flexibility. If the iPad ever turns into a real Macbook Air competitor, that is when I’d consider buying one.