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Internet Explorer 10 Drops Vista Support – Slashdot

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Internet Explorer 10 Drops Vista Support – Slashdot. The reaction on this Slashdot thread seems like a knee jerk reaction. Lets compare to how Apple does things.

Apple limits Safari to which OS it wants to support. The most current version of Safari supports 10.6 and 10.5. It doesn’t support Tiger 10.4. So for IE 10 which is the next browser and really planned for Windows 8, it breaks down as follows. Current OS support, check. Previous OS support Windows 7 check. Previous to that (Vista) or 10.4 equivalent no support. Whats the problem?

Microsoft Fix it Solution Center – StumbleUpon

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Microsoft Fix it Solution Center – StumbleUpon. This might help you if you don’t know much about computers. Worth giving it a try if you find the answers to google searches confusing.

Is Microsoft Live Mesh worth using?

According to this MacWorld review there are more cons than pros. There are better options for Mac Users like Mozy or CrashPlan.


PowerPoint Makes You Dumb –

Microsoft PowerPoint

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PowerPoint Makes You Dumb – I didn’t catch this article when it first came out. Apparently PowerPoint contributed to the failure of the Columbia mission. Wow.

Interactive Ocean cable map

Our First Underwater Salvage Job

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Gregs Cable Map – StumbleUpon. This is very cool. I wonder how much this cost? Apparently this is something from Microsoft. Still good work.

How To Move MS Outlook Auto Complete Address List Mike Normans Blog – StumbleUpon

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How To Move Outlook Auto Complete Address List Mike Normans Blog – StumbleUpon. This may not be a good idea to do because many of those names were old and no longer in use. Still if someone doesn’t have a address book this might be helpful.

Free Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Beta Download v.2

Mihai Andrici said here

“While Office 2010 for Windows has been tagged with a June 2010 release date, the Office for Mac OS X was named Office 2011 for Mac, with a release date set for this holiday season. Fortunately, if you want Office 2011 for Mac and want it now, you are now able to download the beta 2, a version that has been leaked online, along with the serial key you need.

“The beta 2 version of Office 2011 for Mac you can download, is the build and comes with one major visual UI improvement called Ribbon user interface, but also adds some features such as better integration into Office Web Apps.

“And come to think of it, these are the only major problems Microsoft Office has at the moment. In my opinion, yes, the Ribbon UI is an obvious improvement, but my guess is that the main feature/improvement in Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac (as well as the 2010 Windows version) is Microsoft’s ambition to try and respond to Google Docs easiness of use when it comes to collaborating on a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation over the Web.

“But you can check out more for yourself by downloading Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Beta 2 version free. When asked for the serial key, enter: TDMC8-7GYKM-DXJFD-7PVCC-6GX4J.”

Link: Free Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Download (Beta 2 build

Outlook 2011 for Mac: Using certificates for digital signing «

Outlook 2011 for Mac: Using certificates for digital signing « This is a really good setup on how to accomplish this. I had one client who lost his data using this program so be sure to be using Time Machine or some kind of regular backup.