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Virus on new machines-find out here


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Errata – Certified Pre-0wned – StumbleUpon. This isn’t surprising. Out of this list only twice has Apple been guilty of shipping a virus on their devices. Now that’s quality control for 20 years.

Don’t download Veohwebplayersetup.exe

Windows XP

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I did that on my XP running computer and Microsoft Security Essentials said it had the Open Candy advertising malware. I just deleted it and rebooting now. What a waste. Veoh came from a legitimate download site.

Vertical stairs in China


Weird Awesome Stuffs – StumbleUpon. I wonder where these lead to? Seems like a good security measure. It would take so much time to climb up that the defense would have an easy time targeting.


Top 10 Internet Plagues (via Listverse)

This post points out the top things that he believes the Internet has made worse. I don’t know if I agree with all of these points. Privacy for example. I think the information from the Internet has given us a better ability to know what information about ourselves is available. We have always been tracked we just didn’t realize it. I learned this early in my life but that is another story.

Top 10 Internet Plagues I am not a Luddite. I recognize that the internet has revolutionized communication, business, commerce, politics, entertainment, culture and many other aspects of our world. But, like any new technology, it too is fraught with problems. This list details the negative consequences of the Internet. I have tried to order them based on severity. 10Hacking and Data Security It is difficult to establish if the internet has caused our confidential data … Read More

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HTTPS Is More Secure, So Why Isnt the Web Using It?

Today, the Web and the Internet allow connecti...

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HTTPS Is More Secure, So Why Isnt the Web Using It?. I wondered this as well. It seems that for the cost versus the danger that it would not be worth it.

How to hide your phone number and still receive phone calls Privacy Lover

How to hide your phone number and still receive phone calls Privacy Lover. This is in beta so it won’t be free forever. Still could be helpful if are you selling something on Ebay or want to have some more Internet privacy.

Apple Sued Over iPhone Data Privacy — InformationWeek

Last week my iPhone fell into a cup of water a...

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Apple Sued Over iPhone Data Privacy — InformationWeek. This is very concerning. Apparently data is shared by using your iPhone and there is no privacy.

Anonymous vs. HBGary: the aftermath

Security Now!

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Anonymous vs. HBGary: the aftermath. Interesting that less than a week later HBGary had another embarrassing security breach. How can you do business with a security company that can’t keep its own stuff private?