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What does a USB keylogger look like?

Swiss Army Librarian » Spy-Tech Devices Found in Library :: Brian Herzog. Apparently libraries in England aren’t safe.  Nice summary of how to protect yourself from these devices.

How to move your iTunes library from PC to Mac (via Decoding the Web)

Great tutorial and lots of discussion about this process. Nice work!

How to move your iTunes library from PC to Mac Introduction Today I have been looking around the Web for tutorials about how to move my iTunes library from the old PC to the new Mac. Although I have found quite a large selection of instructions and walkthroughs, I kept ending up with an incomplete iTunes library. And by incomplete, I mean missing the Album Artworks, or play counts etc. At the end, I figured out a simple way, to completely transfer my iTunes library, without losing any data, u … Read More

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Library Comic – Bizarro (via Letters from the Library)

Clever. Great find!

Library Comic - Bizarro For those who are unaware, iPhones have been a favorite of librarians since their inception. Not sure about any of my colleagues, but Bizarro‘s iPhone 5 is one I’d gladly wait in line for 😉 © Dan PiraroRead More

via Letters from the Library

Living Large – Technology Revolution Raises Tide (via Investing Caffeine)

He has a great comparison of then and now and what money could buy.

Living Large – Technology Revolution Raises Tide It’s hard to believe that my kids will never truly know what it is was like to live without a microwave, VCR, GPS device, internet connection or many of the other modern day inventions. In my elementary school days, when I had to write a report about Alfred Hitchcock, I was forced to drag my mom to the public library, chase down some librarians, and comb through floors of book shelves, only to find the book I needed was already checked-out. Today … Read More

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Libraries are More Than Books (via Curious Child’s Library Wanderings)

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My local library has been fantastic. I would rather we stop funding of jails than stop library funding.  What is more costly? Addressing ignorance or trying to contain it?

You know what is a waste of tax money Fox?  That we have to oversee corporations that haven’t learned to regulate themselves.  That we are cleaning up BP‘s, Enron‘s, World-com’s and other corporate messes.  Why not do some investigative journalism and run stories about that than trying to shake down our local libraries.

Fox Chicago News recently asked “Are Libraries Necessary, or a Waste of Tax Money?”  Really?  The article by Anna Davlantes goes on to talk about how libraries “eat up millions of your hard earned tax dollars” and as proof of the irrelevancy of libraries, an undercover camera crew recorded library visitors for an hour.  During that hour, they recorded 300 visitors with most of them using the free internet.  Hmmm… This is your proof that librari … Read More

via Curious Child’s Library Wanderings

Baen Free Library-read free books online

Baen Free Library.  You can read free books online here.  Perfectly legal.  This author is putting his money where his mouth is.

iPad-based Mantaray iTar is almost as weird as its inventor : Macenstein

iPad-based Mantaray iTar is almost as weird as its inventor : Macenstein.  Now you can play guitar too with a more expensive and fragile device.

Want to understand how to better manage iMovie libraries?

This thread has several great suggestions.  Even a suggestion for a book from Wiley.  Could be helpful if you are a beginner.