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A Successful Data Recovery Story Using Some Desperation Moves (via What’s On My PC)

Excellent save. I have read about other people using this method but never had such a detailed walk though. Thanks for sharing.

A Successful Data Recovery Story Using Some Desperation Moves A friend recently came to me with an old IDE hard drive that was determined to be dead by a computer tech. He had held onto the drive, which was several years old, with the hope that someday the data on the drive could possibly be recovered, without costing him an arm and a leg. Typically, professional data recovery can be very expensive and there are no guarantees the data can be fully recovered. As a challenge, I opted to take a shot at recover … Read More

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MultiStation Dock for External Storage (via TECH World..)

For $89 this seems like a deal.The ability to use or restore information from a computer that has failed is a great feature.

MultiStation Dock for External Storage The device has a very long title of Dual SATA HDD Multi-Function Dock with an interface to connect to a computer via USB + eSATA makes it easy to add and use the 2.5 “and 3.5″ hard drives at the same time. In addition, this device serves as a hub for 2 USB ports and card reader. This device is compatible with PCs, as well as with Mac. Its cost is $89. If you go into the details, this station supports hard drives SATA 2.5 “and 3.5″ up to 1.5 TB. D … Read More

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Setting Up a Linux-Based Recording Studio (a Preface) (via mandalasongs)

Servers designed for Linux

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The old mac was not able to provide clear audio for the want of a proper jack. How disappointing that Mr. Jobs control means that musicians are not able to do their jobs.

It seems to me that the process of setting up a Linux-based studio is going to unfold like a novel, putting me, the main character, in situations where I am out of my comfort zone and I will learn and grow in the process of working it all out.  So I am going to set these journal entires up in chapters. Today’s entry is a Preface of sorts because I want to talk about the history behind the decision to use Linux. In the beginning… I married a com … Read More

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Ode to a critical exploration of Mac vs. PC

John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac.

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I get some strange search terms that people use to find my website, and one of them today was “poem comparing windows and macintosh”. So I said why not? I can write a poem for that. So ah hem *clears throat* here is my attempt.

Ode to a critical exploration of Mac vs. PC

A PC is cheap and costs a few bucks,

While a Mac is more expensive-new you might find one for a grand with some luck.

A PC gives you adventures with malware and junk,

While a Mac surfs the Internet like a ‘roided up hunk.

A PC can play games if you choose to pirate and download,

While A Mac games selections are like kissing a frog or a toad.

A PC gives you options to use all kinds of parts,

While a Mac gives you style that sometimes breaks hearts.

A PC is practical, common and easy,

While a Mac is like riding a unicycle, juggling balls and sometimes makes you queasy.

A PC can be installed with Linux or BSD,

While a Mac can use those too if you can wrestle it to its knees.

A PC lets you use websites that require IE,

While a Mac is currently going an operation to become flash-free.

A PC gives you the chance to be part of a monoculture that is vast,

While a Mac was created with a Pirates Cast.

A PC gives you choice to buy from many suppliers,

While a Mac says just one dealer-although we are happy to let you kick the tires.

A PC says that style isn’t the reason I buy a thing,

While a Mac says it never hurts to have a little bling.

A PC gives you a reason for the failure of your work-the computers down you only have to say,

A Mac can fail and ruin your work-so in the end its the same kind of way.

A PC gives you some great features,

A Mac gives you some interesting teachers.

Your choice is up to you,

It doesn’t matter what you do.

Your computer makes you $1,700


Number of the Week: PCs Make Americans 500 Billion Richer – Real Time Economics – WSJ. This number seems way too low. You can save way more than that just in postage from using email. Then once you add up the cost of not buying games, or sales like Groupon it has to be much more. Everything that I have paid for technology has helped me professionally and paid off much more than that.

Laptop Repair Help – Helpful guide

Laptop Repair Help. This is a nice close up on how to fix keys. I had to do this once and it takes a steady hand and some small tools. Reading this could save you a costly repair.

50 Greatest Computer Workstation PC/Mac Setups – StumbleUpon

Office Cubical

Image by fensterbme via Flickr

50 Greatest Computer Workstation PC/Mac Setups – StumbleUpon. This post has some amazing and expensive setups. I guess that these are photo editing stations.

Looking for a Mac OS X looking linux distribution?

Thoughts on Technology: Pinguy OS – Distro Review – StumbleUpon. This is pretty close to Mac OS X for linux. DreamLinux is another good Mac OS X looking linux as well. Just something to consider if you can’t afford or tired of Windows on your PC. I think I am going to try this. You will need to be able to burn a DVD if you dl this.