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Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter

Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter. Nice resource if you need to change font formats between Windows and Apple or just have older fonts that aren’t supported.

Want inspiration for beautiful animated GIF’s?

There’s no describing these beautiful animated GIFs, you have to see them yourself – TNW Shareables. These are a good way to do animation and not require flash and block mobile devices from seeing them. Nice collection. Gives you some ideas to use on your own pages.

Lab full of blue screens

LKF Image Thumbnails – StumbleUpon. I wonder if this is a virus or a faulty image?

National Geographic sea creature

translucent-pelagic-octopus-newbert-1145307-xl.jpg from – StumbleUpon. Lovely view. How do they capture such a perfect image?

10.6.7 update causes OpenType font issues

Lower case ‘a’ from Adobe Caslon Pro, superpos...

Image via Wikipedia

10.6.7 update causes OpenType font issues. This is concerning. OpenType PS fonts seem to be affected. It works fine in Preview and doesn’t work in Reader. Still you should be aware of this.

Lightwave 3D 64-bit for Mac! (And why the others suck) (via The thoughts of a Madman)

Lightwave logo drawn with original as reference

Image via Wikipedia

This is just an enthusiastic customer of their products. If you are considering Maya or looking for the relative merits of both, you might want to read this piece. You won’t waste any money on this program.

I’ve always been impressed by the folks at Newtek. Listen. They’ve given out every god damned updates to their major releases for free, for as long as I can remember. Point release? 9.x to 9.5, no problem! Download and be happy. Lightwave has been (and still is) a choice for several 3D studios, in all sizes. Reason? There are plenty, but the thing I’m focusing on now is: The pricing is REASONABLE. The product ships with batteries included. Sure, … Read More

via The thoughts of a Madman

Pier Sunrise photo

Pier Sunrise

Originally uploaded by Gary Newman

Isn’t this so cool? Like two different colors on both sides.

YouTube – Tutorial Photoshop CS5 – Rain effect

YouTube – Tutorial Photoshop CS5 – Rain effect.  Youtube is such a resource of tutorials.  It is like the grocery store.  I go in for one item, and end up getting several.