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The Mtron SSD

Image via Wikipedia lists the top 20 SSD companies – Jan 2011 edition – StumbleUpon. This is a helpful list if you need to research SSD’s and thinking of buying one. Really almost any SSD will make a big difference in the performance and data safety of your work.

Hate large external hard drives?

Seagate starts shipping pencil-thin 99 GoFlex Slim hard drive — Engadget. This seems perfect for people on the go. It does make me wonder how likely they are to break however. With it being so small I would imagine that there is a greater chance of accidentally damaging it.


The fastest SSD available in April 2011

OCZ Vertex 3 Review 240GB – StumbleUpon. This is 69% faster than other available SSD’s. This is a great resource to find the best hard drive.

1 GB in 2007 vs. 1 GB 20 years ago

Hi-tech stuff – StumbleUpon. Nice comparison. I wonder if all technology will shrink this dramatically?

Intel SSD with 6Gbps performance

a 2.5 inch Solid state disk, E-disk from Bitmicro

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This is kind of silly. For the price of $284 120GB drive is a hard sell for most people. When laptops (get information to fix a laptop here) are a few hundred dollars more with a standard drive, I doubt the average person would say “Hey let me install and use this.” Intel needs to focus on reducing price to make it more popular. Other good SSD options include this 1TB or this Micron.


Hitachi SimpleTough Hard Drive

Gear Netbooks Uncrate – StumbleUpon. If you really are in dangerous environments this says it can survive a fall up to 7 feet. Looks like it would bounce.

Best Hard Drive Best SSD Hardware Revolution – StumbleUpon

Best Hard Drive Best SSD Hardware Revolution – StumbleUpon. Nice list that shows some of the most helpful features of top of the line drives.

Avoid Seagate’s Momentus XT hybrid next-gen hybrid drive

The headquarters of Seagate Technology in Scot...

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Users frustrated with Seagates next-gen hybrid drive Storage. Usually Seagate has a good reputation for quality.  Even the recent firmware upgrade didn’t completely solve the issues.  I would get another model and skip this one.