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Google is ok with unequal benefits

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What I think is interesting in this story from Gizmodo is the fact that they wear a yellow badge. Wasn’t Germany famous for making its Jewish citizens wear a yellow star? Did someone skip their history class?

What is the Click-Through Rate on Googles Top 10 Organic Results?… – StumbleUpon

What is the Click-Through Rate on Googles Top 10 Organic Results?… – StumbleUpon. That would be amazing to be #1. I may not ever get it but I respect any website that has things that are benefiting people’s lives. It is really something to find such useful information on the Internet and be able to help without paying money. I appreciate those companies that really invest in the writing.

Saving to a pdf in Google docs is twice the size of a word file and larger than Word saving to a PDF

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Has anyone used Google docs to save to a word file and also to a pdf? Without changing anything between the two the PDF is 180kb and the word doc is 90kb. Isn’t the advantage of a PDF that it compresses unnecessary information? When I compress the same file from the 90kb word file in Microsoft Word 2011 to a PDF on a Mac I get 150kb. What is the other 30k doing in that PDF file? Has anyone else noticed that Google docs makes chunky PDF’s?

If you have video hosted on Google Video time to move it

Google Videos To Stop Hosting Videos. This is probably frustrating to those people who have uploaded video to Google Video. It takes time to upload video. A better option would be the offer to move them to YouTube automatically or to burn disks and mail them back. I wonder what other services Google will stop offering?

Nice chart of Windows Phone 7 vs. iOS vs. Android (via Tech things that I stumble upon)

The winner seems clear. WP7 is dead in the water. Android can’t beat iOS however simply due to its games. Games can justify the purchase even when you don’t have phone service.

Windows Phone 7 vs. iOS vs. Android This is just a comprehensive comparison between all the major smartphone OS’s in the world at the moment. Enjoy 🙂 … Read More

via Tech things that I stumble upon

HOWTO: Remove Google Software Update on Mac OS X

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I ran this on my computer today as suggested in the article. I had this prompt me for the second time for Picasa which I no longer use. They should have an easier way to disable/uninstall this.

defaults write checkInterval 0

via HOWTO: Remove Google Software Update on Mac OS X.

35 Best Free Chrome Extensions for Web Developers Web Resources WebAppers – StumbleUpon

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35 Best Free Chrome Extensions for Web Developers Web Resources WebAppers – StumbleUpon. Nice list. I have used many of these myself.

Opera 11 vs. Chrome 10 on the Mac

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I had written a few days ago that I was impressed with Opera 11. It does have some good points. However after installing one extension Shareaholic, it has become less stable and slow than Chrome with 4 extensions including Shareaholic. Very disappointing. It has some nice features like greater security, and better ability to block pop-ups, but the lack of speed and stability are enough to kill it for me.

Firefox seems so far behind the times it is not funny. For example in the newest Firefox you can’t set the option for two webpages to open automatically when you start. You only get the option for one page. Chrome allows you to set at least two start-up webpages. That is what I have set and it seems you can add more. In addition Firefox crashed when showing flash. Come on!

So it seems that Chrome for the Mac has the most stable, fastest and best set of features.