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Are tech companies earth friendly?

International Recycle Symbol

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Tech Goes Strong – StumbleUpon. This article explores some of the questions and challenges that becoming earth friendly cause. He nicely explains and gives examples and there is certainly some truth to what he says. I responded to it with a comment and said:

There is some truth that companies “Greenwash” their products and things that they fought against in the past. It is also true that it takes time to work the mindset of recycling into people. I am fairly young and sometimes I forget to recycle. It isn’t that people don’t care about the world they pass onto their children or relatives, it is just that being a mature adult is sometimes boring and people hate that.

If people were rewarded immediately, directly for recycling in a concrete way then everyone would do it. I am lucky enough to live at a place that pay people for their bottles that they recycle. If more places had that, people would recycle. But to the average person getting a store to pay them 5 cents to recycle a bottle isn’t worth it. Nor is the time/administrative expense to change the current way of doing business.

It is difficult to get people to see that saving money is as important as making it. I work as a consultant and explain how they can save money if they switch technologies and invest and the hard numbers to prove they will make the investment back in a few months. Do you know what most people do? “Oh well, let me think about it.” People are afraid of the unknown and we can’t push people to change. People change at their own pace.

There are so many great technologies that just haven’t been given support due to the same kind of thinking that causes other problems. “Good enough” isn’t good enough when it poisons the present and future. Take for instance this talk from TED.

How many people do you think are doing this when it would not only increase their health and energy but others as well? If that isn’t enlightened self-interest I don’t know what is.

Deck Prism (via PBMO)

These are strangely beautiful. It was a great idea to do this.

Deck Prism A deck prism (sometimes called a deadlight) is a prism inserted into the deck of a ship to provide light down below. For centuries, sailing ships used deck prisms to provide a safe source of natural sunlight to illuminate areas below decks Before electricity, light below a vessel’s deck was provided by candles, oil and kerosene lamps – all dangerous aboard a wooden ship. The deck prism was a clever solution: laid flush into the deck, the glass pr … Read More

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SMART Status Failing? Not Failing?

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Apple – Support – Discussions – SMART Status Failing? Not Failing? ….  Some good suggestions on places that have hard drive reviews.  It also gives some more detail about what kind of drives to buy.


The 13 Most Powerful Geeks In The World KoldCast TV – News Blog

The 13 Most Powerful Geeks In The World KoldCast TV – News Blog.  This is a good run down of important tech figures.  Important to understand to understand why the industry is like it is.