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Xserve RAID

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Well this argument makes sense, but I think many IT managers will feel burned with the loss of the Xserve RAID and the Xserve. I doubt they will invest their reputations again on what probably hurt them in credibility/value in the eyes of their employers.

I know when I worked at a company that invested in tens of thousands of dollars worth of Apple equipment, they were upset when Apple EOL’d the XRAID. It is a bitter pill to swallow for the person who make that decision.

So I’ve had this thought for some time now, and have shared it with a few people here and there. Before I start getting deep into speculation, I want to lay down some facts: Oct 2010 – Apple outsources Enterprise sales and support to Unisys. Nov 2010 – Apple announces the discontinuation of the XServe. At the same time, they release a laughable white paper, referring to the Mac Pro and Mac Mini Server as reasonable replacements. The Mac enterpris … Read More


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