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Free Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X – StumbleUpon

Capture Me – Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X – StumbleUpon. This sounds like a useful way to capture what is happening on your screen for free. I wrote about another product a few days ago that you had to pay for and one that was free, to carry out this functionality.

How to root a bootloader unlocked Xperia Play on OSX (via Matthew Attwood’s Blog)

Has anyone else done this? I am not fond of rooting devices because it decreases the security of the device. You can read more about the iPhone rooted security exploit.

How to root a bootloader unlocked Xperia Play on OSX I have been meaning to post this for a while, as things work a little differently on OS X to the usual tutorials given. Here is the variation I had to use on OS X. Bin4ry over at XDA-developers sorted out the root of the Xperia Arc and Play (over a week ago now) and has posted a pretty solid guide for both devices (Play & Arc) Although his guide is now updated with the commands for both Mac and Linux as well as the original windows, one bit o … Read More

via Matthew Attwood’s Blog

Use free or paid mac bandwidth monitoring apps

You can either pay $44 and use Rubbernet or use the free SurplusMeter.

How to Prevent the Garmin 800 with an SD Card locking up when connecting to your Mac (via wellmt)

Garmin 60CSx with a map from http://openstreet...

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I rarely see Mac users who have Garmin units. People seem to prefer having one device rather than multiple.

My Edge 800 computer kept locking up when I connected it to the Mac. Not only did the unit lock-up but the Mac hung up as well, until the USB cable was pulled from the Garmin unit. Not a good thing to do.  I discovered that the unit worked fine if no SD-Card was inserted. After a bit of digging I’ve found this great post and the culprit…Spotlight!  Basically the Mac tries to search, build indexes and generally do all kinds of stuff to any media … Read More

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Testing RAM – Mac Guides

Memory loss

Testing RAM – Mac Guides. Interesting way to test a mac for memory problems. If you want an easier way you can also buy Drive Genius or Techtool. I have used these methods and they worked equally well for me.

What I would want if I was buying a macbook today (via Lux ex Obscuritas)

This is pretty close to what I would want in my next Mac as well. I wonder if Apple will ever make an Air Pro? The highest end components in the small form factor.

What I would want if I was buying a macbook today My black macbook from fall 2007 has served me very well for the 3 and a half years Ive had it.  The only upgrade I did since buying it was to upgrade the RAM to 4 GB (667 MHz DDR2), which was relatively inexpensive and certainly worth it.  The 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor is relatively speedy, or at least speedy enough for nearly anything Im doing with my computer.  The screen is large enough for me, and I wouldnt really want a machine l … Read More

via Lux ex Obscuritas

Ugh! My iPhone is spying on me … (via slappHappe)

Cell phone tower in Nyakrom, Agona District (e...

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Indeed. Why does Apple keep this information? What possible use could they have to allow people to be identified like this?

Ugh! My iPhone is spying on me ... Theres a Mac desktop which displays which cell towers you were in communication with — on a map, by date. The image above shows how I was tracked from February 16th, 2011 on a trip through Amish country (the actual trip took place from Friday 18th through Sunday 20th, so the app reads forward for a period from the date you currently have selected in the bottom slider). Sure, your cell phone service provider keeps similar recor … Read More

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Confessions of an (ex) Mac Geek… (via C.C. and the Beans)

Apple Store in Regent Street, it was my first ...

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Due to broken mac and cost, man switches to Windows. Understandable. I had to use Windows machines at many companies due to cost.

Going to the Apple store is a pretty different experience, now that my primary computer is no longer a Mac (more on that in a minute). I used to go there and ooh and aw over the latest toys,  the slickly packaged programs, and  the incredibly synergistic vibe of the entire affair, from the nigh-seamless integration between i-everything and Mac, to the almost seamless integration of the sales and support folks and the pricey products that they sel … Read More

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