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Ever buy a bed pillow at Bed, Bath & Beyond?

I did about two years ago and got two of them for $20 each. Mostly they have been fine, except the darker brown one that seems to stain things. I will include a photo of it with this post. So as you can see it stained the floor and several different kinds of cleaning agents didn’t fix it: dishwashing soap, Lysol 4 in 1, and toothpaste.

I contacted the manufacture of the pillow and send them the photos. They asked for the UPC of the product and a copy of the sales receipt. I guess to verify if I stole the pillow. I don’t have a copy of the receipt but told them the amount/place of purchase and offered to send them the CC info I used to buy it. So perhaps that is enough. Avoid BrentWood Originals at all costs. They don’t stand behind their product. They are sending me to Bed, Bath & Beyond to replace the item and haven’t told me that they are going to reimburse the damage to the stain on my floor.

I expect that they will refuse to refund the pillow that stains things without a receipt. We shall see.

The bottom photo is the “chocolate” stain on the wall. It also stained a tan wall that was painted in my previous residence.

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An iPhone in the bedroom

Makes sense.  Why clutter things with lots of junk that is cheap and breaks often?  Click here to read.