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Saving to a pdf in Google docs is twice the size of a word file and larger than Word saving to a PDF

Image representing Google Docs as depicted in ...

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Has anyone used Google docs to save to a word file and also to a pdf? Without changing anything between the two the PDF is 180kb and the word doc is 90kb. Isn’t the advantage of a PDF that it compresses unnecessary information? When I compress the same file from the 90kb word file in Microsoft Word 2011 to a PDF on a Mac I get 150kb. What is the other 30k doing in that PDF file? Has anyone else noticed that Google docs makes chunky PDF’s?

Missing Spaces in .docx Files (via Kan’s Home)

Microsoft Word 2010, Navigation Pane

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What strange behavior. Why not just assume a .pdf format spacing as the default and only overwrite that if the user specifies a printer expressly?

I recently encountered a weird problem in .docx files. I have Microsoft Word 2010 installed at home, where I saved my homework in .docx format and synced it to Dropbox. But when I opened the same file on school computer, which has MS Word 2007 installed, I noticed that some spaces between words are missing. I thought “Wow how could I be so careless?” and added those spaces back. However, the spaces were gone again when I opened the document at ho … Read More

via Kan’s Home

Betalogue » Word 2011: Autonumbering madness

Betalogue » Word 2011: Autonumbering madness. Interesting that the behavior is different than how Pages handle it.  I agree this is inconsistent.

Revision and change tracking in Scrivener (via

This is an easy way for a GUI revision control for Mac. Very helpful for small companies.

Revision and change tracking in Scrivener It’s amazing how rapidly Scrivener has developed over the years. I recall back when I first started using it, perhaps in 2007/8, whining that it didn’t have much in the way of revision facilities or change tracking. Keith, the developer, said very honestly that he didn’t have the resources to do something as fancy as the very capable change tracking you see in Microsoft Word. How things have changed. Scrivener 2’s approach to revisions and change … Read More


Migrated Word now wants to connect to scanner and camera – slows launch

An example of WordArt in Microsoft Office Word.

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keriah found the answer:

I found a file named “Camera & Scanner Plug-in” in the Office/Add-ins folder (in Applications). I trashed that file and now Word starts up as usual.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Migrated Word now wants to connect to ….


Create a table of contents – Word – Microsoft Office

Create a table of contents – Word – Microsoft Office.  Pretty good guide on how to do this.  This can be a time saver.

Word 2011 vs Pages 09 vs Google Docs

Google Docs. Workshop  1.22.09

Office apps showdown: Word processors Office Macworld.  So Pages is a good app if you don’t need security on your documents like Word provides.  Word can be overly complex for many people, and Google Docs is not a real contender here.  It is so basic many people will waste more time with it then they will save.


Thank you Microsoft for the worst word processor ever (via

Very good comparison between the capabilities of the Windows vs. the Mac MS office Word program.

Thank you Microsoft for the worst word processor ever The arrival of Scrivener 2 this week rather rattled my plans for the next book. It will no longer be written in the very excellent Word 2010 for Windows as intended. Instead I’m diverting back to the Mac and planning the whole project in Scrivener 2 (with a final revise in Word, the Windows one). This does not mean I think every project is destined for Scrivener. But this one is big and complicated and needs the extra features it brings. So pleas … Read More