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Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter

Convert Fonts Online With FreeFontConverter. Nice resource if you need to change font formats between Windows and Apple or just have older fonts that aren’t supported.

iTunes Mute Problem – iTunes mutes itself (via )

Normally for a problem like this uninstalling all Apple software and reinstalling might fix the problem. The iTunes installer on Windows seems to be sensitive to the order of Apple software installation.

This same problem has been reported since 2005 See below My setup is as following Windows XP 2002 SP3 i … Read More


Installing RPostgreSQL with R 2.13 on a Mac (via iangow)

SQL CLR internal architecture diagram

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Nicely done. What made you choose a mac for SQL?

1. Download file from to ~/Downloads 2. From ~/Downloads, enter the following in the terminal: tar xvzf RPostgreSQL_0.1-7.tar.gz 3. Create a symbolic link to the pg_config file: sudo ln -s /Library/PostgreSQL/9.0/bin/pg_config /usr/local/bin 4. Edit the configure file in the ~/Downloads/RPostgreSQL directory to add the path to libpq-fe.h. In particular, add /Library/PostgreSQL/9.0/incl … Read More

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Confessions of an (ex) Mac Geek… (via C.C. and the Beans)

Apple Store in Regent Street, it was my first ...

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Due to broken mac and cost, man switches to Windows. Understandable. I had to use Windows machines at many companies due to cost.

Going to the Apple store is a pretty different experience, now that my primary computer is no longer a Mac (more on that in a minute). I used to go there and ooh and aw over the latest toys,  the slickly packaged programs, and  the incredibly synergistic vibe of the entire affair, from the nigh-seamless integration between i-everything and Mac, to the almost seamless integration of the sales and support folks and the pricey products that they sel … Read More

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Home – PlayOnMac – Run your Windows applications on Mac easily! – StumbleUpon

Home – PlayOnMac – Run your Windows applications on Mac easily! –StumbleUpon. I’ve tried some of the other options like wineskin and I didn’t find it easy enough for the average person. I wonder how this works. Going to try it next.

I tried it and they give you suggested programs to install. So one of them was IE 7. I installed that but I couldn’t browse with it. In addition the program caused X11 to fail. I would say that this is not ready for prime time.


How to add right-click commands to the OS X

How to add commands to the OS X. Brillant way to get right-click functionality. If you are used to the Windows way of doing things this will help you acclimate.

Ode to a critical exploration of Mac vs. PC

John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac.

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I get some strange search terms that people use to find my website, and one of them today was “poem comparing windows and macintosh”. So I said why not? I can write a poem for that. So ah hem *clears throat* here is my attempt.

Ode to a critical exploration of Mac vs. PC

A PC is cheap and costs a few bucks,

While a Mac is more expensive-new you might find one for a grand with some luck.

A PC gives you adventures with malware and junk,

While a Mac surfs the Internet like a ‘roided up hunk.

A PC can play games if you choose to pirate and download,

While A Mac games selections are like kissing a frog or a toad.

A PC gives you options to use all kinds of parts,

While a Mac gives you style that sometimes breaks hearts.

A PC is practical, common and easy,

While a Mac is like riding a unicycle, juggling balls and sometimes makes you queasy.

A PC can be installed with Linux or BSD,

While a Mac can use those too if you can wrestle it to its knees.

A PC lets you use websites that require IE,

While a Mac is currently going an operation to become flash-free.

A PC gives you the chance to be part of a monoculture that is vast,

While a Mac was created with a Pirates Cast.

A PC gives you choice to buy from many suppliers,

While a Mac says just one dealer-although we are happy to let you kick the tires.

A PC says that style isn’t the reason I buy a thing,

While a Mac says it never hurts to have a little bling.

A PC gives you a reason for the failure of your work-the computers down you only have to say,

A Mac can fail and ruin your work-so in the end its the same kind of way.

A PC gives you some great features,

A Mac gives you some interesting teachers.

Your choice is up to you,

It doesn’t matter what you do.

I don’t miss Windows at all (via aiAna)

It is fun to have other operating systems run like a program isn’t it? It is something I still enjoy. Have you tried running any kind of Linux? It gives you some perspective on the usefulness of Windows.

Contradictions! I don’t miss Windows at all, and installing this version has only reminded me of that. How did I ever work with such an unfriendly and messy thing before? It’s nice and fun to have though. And being so convenient and safe, why not? I’m installing it right now, and it’s just like some program I have installed on the Mac. It’s on a virtual machine called VMware and I have it backedup. If anything goes wrong inside the Windows – okay, when something … Read More

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