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Blogs that are short and spammy here at WordPress


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In the last 24 hours I have seen a proliferation of blog posts that are exactly the same as one another. Sometimes the blog post which is only a few sentences is repeated word for word with as many as 10-20 different blog names/authors. This has to be an automated operation and abuse of WordPress.

I let WordPress know that this is occurring but its a hard problem for them to fix. Everyone is free to scrape content, but I imagine its hard setting a hard limit of scraping that you can enforce. For example, one webpage called techmeme I think used to make it very easy to submit things to your blog/Twitter feed. It has some interesting stories, but because it is so easy lots of people were using it. I noticed that on Twitter and stopped using it. There is no use to repeat something that hundreds of people are already repeating.

So I have decided that creating original content really is a better way to build an audience than sharing educational resources I find. I have learned many things reading other websites, but not everyone seems to appreciate less common resources. To me, if something is worth learning about it is easy to motivate yourself to learn. However I see that other people sometimes prefer to be led through learning something. So that is a change I am going to do in editorial content here.

Congratulations! You have helped me test Google Website Optimizer

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Information that I will gather will result in an article about its possible usefulness for blog. This is the same page as the original one in all ways but two. It has more outbound links, and more post tags.

Sorry folks. This isn’t going to work. Apparently you need to install javascript on the pages and that is something that does not allow. If it was self-hosted then I could do this.  Perhaps there is another service that will accomplish this functionality.

Google engineers help good sites harmed by search result cleanup

Google Appliance as shown at RSA Expo 2008 in ...

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I wrote about this a few days ago about how my traffic was down a little. Over 95% of my traffic is from Google searches. Apparently some other sites have had half of their traffic affected. Wow.


How can i find where an image came from?

Eunice Kanenstenhawi Williams

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About – TinEye – StumbleUpon. Talk about a great service. What a time saver to track down an image for anyone who is a designer! Need to find a image?

Google May Change Your Title Tag in the Search Results Standing Dog Blog

The Google

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Google May Change Your Title Tag in the Search Results Standing Dog Blog. Interesting what is being done on an automated basis.  Does this really help searchers?


9 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate Search Engine Journal

Bounce with Me

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9 Reasons Your Website Can Have a High Bounce Rate Search Engine Journal. This is a great resource! I am following some of its suggestions to see how I can make this webpage more useful.  Perhaps it is just part of the nature of technical fixes to have a high bounce rate.  I learned that from Alexa.  See my details for my website here.


Free Blog submissions (via unofficialprogrammer)

If you need more traffic, submitting your blog to these directories might help boost traffic.

Free Blog submissions Wutzle Wutzle is both a free blog directory and a blog search engine where you can find relevant blogs that match your interests and also submit your website to get more traffic and exposure. You need to register to use Wutzle and you can submit up to three websites. To submit your blog to Wutzle, you need to add the URL, the title and a description of your blog. Then, grab the HTML code for the Wutzle logo and rating link … Read More

via unofficialprogrammer

Maintain – Blog – Optimize Apple Mail

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Maintain – Blog – Optimize Apple Mail.  Some good suggestions.  If you follow these you probably won’t get any corruption issues in Mail.