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Moving to self-hosted solution

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Hello readers, today I am starting to move to a self-hosted solution. Why? Because I was approached to have a banner ad and I would like to explore what self-hosting is like. So expect to see more articles about plug-ins and features for self-hosted WP sites.

It looks like there is an upgrade to WP today. There is a writing helper and Request feedback option below my new post. I wonder if this means that they are working towards optimizing SEO?

Opera 11 vs. Chrome 10 on the Mac

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I had written a few days ago that I was impressed with Opera 11. It does have some good points. However after installing one extension Shareaholic, it has become less stable and slow than Chrome with 4 extensions including Shareaholic. Very disappointing. It has some nice features like greater security, and better ability to block pop-ups, but the lack of speed and stability are enough to kill it for me.

Firefox seems so far behind the times it is not funny. For example in the newest Firefox you can’t set the option for two webpages to open automatically when you start. You only get the option for one page. Chrome allows you to set at least two start-up webpages. That is what I have set and it seems you can add more. In addition Firefox crashed when showing flash. Come on!

So it seems that Chrome for the Mac has the most stable, fastest and best set of features.

the Awesome Highlighter Highlight text on web pages – StumbleUpon

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the Awesome Highlighter Highlight text on web pages – StumbleUpon. I can see this would be very helpful for sales agents, customer service agents, or web designers. What a nice idea!

Check How Fast Your Website Loads From 50 Locations Web Resources WebAppers

Check How Fast Your Website Loads From 50 Locations Web Resources WebAppers. This is a great tool for anyone who has a worldwide audience. I am going to test it next. Google says they factor in website speed for website ranking. This worked great. I liked the ability of using different browsers and well as location.

The F-Pattern (via Abagond)

Interesting. This article helps you focus your writing style in a way that benefits the average reader of your website.

The F-Pattern The F-Pattern is how most people read Web pages, in the shape of an F: after looking at any interesting pictures, their eyes go quickly across the top of the page, then move down a bit and go part ways across the page and then move slowly down the left side. Ten seconds is all it takes for most to make a decision of whether t … Read More

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Widget to Print/ScreenCapture full webpage on Mac?

Apple – Support – Discussions – Widget to Print/ScreenCapture full ….  Its called Paparazzi. Seems to work great for me.  Thanks Network 23.  Here is a test with my page.

Does Safari version 5.0.1 seem slower? Could be prefetching

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Bugs.  According to Ted Landau and some Apple support articles, this is a new feature that was added to speed up web pages.  You can read more how to fix the problem in the link above or try switching to a different DNS service.

Google’s New Scary Security Warning (via Meredith L. Eaton)

I was worried when I saw this icon as well. Nice to know its just an experiment.

Google's New Scary Security Warning YIKES! Today I went to a website using my Google Chrome browser and found this scary skull and crossbones icon next to the red, crossed out https in front of my URL: My initial reaction was to shut down the web page immediately and never return as this appears to be a clear security warning. A site that isn’t using https, as indicated by the cross-out, shows that the URL is not secure or encrypted. However, after reading a bit further into the is … Read More

via Meredith L. Eaton