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National Geographic taking video of a dust storm

The National Geographic Society Administration...

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satelliteEmbedPlayer.swf?videoRef=08740_00 from – StumbleUpon. They always have such great photos and video. It is nice that there is an organization that is dedicated to preserving the worlds beauty.

Momentum: Hacker with iPhone take over NY Times Square screens

Momentum: Hacker with iPhone take over NY Times Square screen. This was pretty interesting. I guess security isn’t really tight on those famous screens.

Computer System Engineering MIT Video Course – StumbleUpon

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Computer System Engineering MIT Video Course – StumbleUpon. Academic Earth is a great resource I have written about before. They have some outstanding video and contents.


How to present slideshows, video, and more from your iPad Mobilize – InfoWorld

How to present slideshows, video, and more from your iPad Mobilize – InfoWorld. Includes sa link on how to hack it to enable video out.  This is a helpful summary if you need to present with an iPad.  It is surprising how limited the device is isn’t it?

Nokia N8 vs Iphone 4, Side by Side Comparison (via eruhuan)

Nice work. I just love side by side comparisons don’t you?

Nokia N8: Iphone 4, Side by Side Comparison Nokia N8 Iphone 4 Screen Resolution 16:9 (640×360) (940×640) Screen Size 3.5″ 3.5″ Data communication WiFi, 3g, Edge/GPRS, Bluetooth 3.0 WiFi, 3g, Edge/GPRS, Bluetooth 2.1 GPS and AGPS Yes and Yes Yes and Yes Camera 12 megapixel 5 megapixel Camera Lighting Xenon Flash Single LED light Video Recording 720p @25 fps 720p @30fps Chassis Color Depending on availability   Silver Dark Grey Orange Blue Green Black   White Browser Flash support … Read More

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YouTube – Dogs are Awesome TOO High Definition

YouTube – Dogs are Awesome TOO High Definition.  It is amazing the skills that they learned and the focus they have.

iTunes videos are just a black screen?

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ChargedNeuron has the solution.

After fifty bucks and several hours on the phone with Apple here is how I resolved my issue;

To resolve the glitch we had iTunes select an external speaker, in this case my AppleTV. Next, I played a purchased video. and the picture restored. The tech and I figured that somehow the computer was attempting to send the video somewhere else via Airplay, much like an iPad would, and to restore the video we needed to reset the destination of the video.

I hope this helps your situation.


5 ways to convert VHS to digital

DV cassettes Left to right: DVCAM-L, DVCPRO-M,...

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Noah Apodaca1 has the answer for this one.  Thanks for sharing!

My rig has 5 video input options, and they all have their own quirks and specialties:

ADS Pyro firewire DV bridge: this is an older unit that I don’t think is produced any more. You might be able to find one on eBay if you’re lucky. It’s a real swiss army knife of consumer inputs – lots of inputs to it, and it plays nicely with iMovie as well as Final Cut.

ADS Instant DVD for Mac: another older unit, this one has an onboard MPEG-1/2 converter, which makes it particularly appealing if I’m capturing video with no intent of editing, and I just want to author straight to DVD, or if I’m needing to output MPEG-1 to try to appease the dinosaur Windows user crowd (as MPEG-1 seems to be the only baseline of video compatibility over in their camp).

Pinnacle Video Capture For Mac: This is another hardware encoder, but encodes MPEG-4. This is great if I’m trying to capture a video that I’m not going to need to do much editing to (the supplied tools work fairly well for trimming, but not much else), and which I’m going to deliver straight to HTML 5, or straight for iPod viewing.

elgato EyeTV Hybrid: Using the dongle that others have mentioned, this can capture analog video as well, and the onboard editing tools in the EyeTV software are a little more robust in terms of making basic cuts and butt-edits. However, the timeline is not precise so when editing out commercials or glitches or whatnot, there’s usually a little bit more (or less) than what I want. I can edit in iMovie if I export, but I’d rather not take the extra lossy trip if I don’t have to.

my old, trusty Canon DV camera: this has a firewire output as well as analog inputs and can serve as a bridge directly into iMovie and Final Cut. Worst case scenario here, I record the analog source to DV, and then run DV to the Mac. Though this is the least elegant part of my rig, it pretty much always works and pretty much always works right.

If you can swing the financials, then definitely go with the ADVC-300, as previously mentioned. However, you can apply bargain solutions, but realize that they’re usually pretty inflexible, so know what they do before you implement them. If you’re good with getting what the bargain item will give, then you’ll be happy.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – convert VHS to digital? ….