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Play GemCraft, a free online game on Kongregate

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Play GemCraft, a free online game on Kongregate. This is a fun game that I spent many hours on. It is fun to level up and play strategy games.

The Top 5 Classic Games for Mac (via Survey Tool Blog)

I loved playing Myst. Did anyone else win it without looking for hints?

The Top 5 Classic Games for Mac 5) Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Today, Warcraft is known less for its strategy and more for its reputation as an addictive, life-ruining, RPG game known as World of Warcraft (or WOW). But there was Warcraft before WOW and you have to go back all the way to the early nineties to find it. Warcraft comes in at #5 purely because I’m cheating a little in mentioning the game at all — it was originally released in 1994 for DOS and didn’t actually come ou … Read More

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Nice chart of Windows Phone 7 vs. iOS vs. Android (via Tech things that I stumble upon)

The winner seems clear. WP7 is dead in the water. Android can’t beat iOS however simply due to its games. Games can justify the purchase even when you don’t have phone service.

Windows Phone 7 vs. iOS vs. Android This is just a comprehensive comparison between all the major smartphone OS’s in the world at the moment. Enjoy 🙂 … Read More

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Third party hardware disables cars

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Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely Threat Level This is concerning. This seems like a very dangerous thing to do. Read the comments about why this is a bad idea.

Play Game Boy Online – StumbleUpon

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Play Game Boy Online – StumbleUpon. Some fun games!  I am just testing out one now.  Kirby! I used to have the game back in the NES days growing up.  NES was so much fun.


Stories from the past: Unexpected gifts

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I enjoy playing video games but don’t have a system of my own.  I have friends who have the PS3 and an XBox 360.  Sometimes they finish with the games and so I take the old games back to GamesStop to trade them for something else.  A few days ago I headed back with a particularly worthless game I had suggested, hoping that I would at least get $6 back from the $17 paid.

“I didn’t like this game and I am looking to sell it.” I said to the GS employee.

He looked at the receipt from several weeks ago and said “You know you have to return it in the 7 day window.”

“Yes I understand that.  I didn’t like how the game played.  The controls were useless.” I said.  The truth is that I couldn’t play 5 minutes of it because it was garbage.

“Ok.” he said.  “Do you want the cash or put back on your card?”

“Card please.” I said.  “So I guess I will get like $6 back?”

“No you will get the entire amount.” he said.

“Thanks!  I didn’t expect that” I responded.

True to his word the next day the full purchase price was refunded.  Sometimes you get unexpected gifts.


Bird photo with fruit

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Looks great doesn’t it?

“Xbox Isn’t a Gaming Console” (via My Life: Jeremy Bassi)

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The author claims that Blu-Ray “Microsoft also seems to forget that Blu-Ray is on its way to becoming the next standard; something that the Xbox does not have, and I speculate will never have.” Mr. Jobs has stated that he believes DVD is a dead format, so perhaps that is true.

According to Microsoft’s CEO Steve Balmer, the Xbox 360 is not a gaming console. In the more recent years of the products lifespan, Microsoft has be refocusing their market strategy to appeal towards a borader audience, instead of appealing only to “hard-core” gamers. Balmer’s comments to USA Today reiterated this shift. “Xbox isn’t a gaming console, Xbox is a family entertainment center. It’s a place to socialize. It’s a place to watch TV. We ha … Read More

via My Life: Jeremy Bassi