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Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps « TotalApps – Everything and More About Mac Software

Embedding YouTube video in Keynote in 3 Easy Steps « TotalApps – Everything and More About Mac Software.This should be a need for people who want to show video from YouTube. Even if you test it before hand during a presentation the speed might not be there. This going the extra step really shows your attention to details.

YouTube – – Steve Martin

YouTube – – Steve Martin. How does Steve Martin think of this? Pure genius.

YouTube vs. Vimeo. A comparision

This is a nice comparison between both of them. I must admit that I haven’t used Vimeo as much as YouTube but I will check it out more now. YouTube was always the first one that I thought of for video sharing. Great marketing isn’t it?

War between YouTube and Vimeo? Copyright According to Nielsen analysis of consumer behavior suggests 70% of worldwide internet users watch videos online. And I agreed with them as I also most of the time while searching for a product demo, song, tutorial video, national/international advertisements just move towards and when Im looking for talks related to specific topics Vimeo is the way to go. Younger the faster or Older the wiser? Though Youtube … Read More

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YouTube – Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse

YouTube – Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse.  This is an adorable video of a very well-trained dog.

How to split a clip into two in iMovie 09 (via One guy, three girls…)

Good suggestions and links to Apple Discussion posts.

Now that I’ve moved onto digitizing Video8 tapes that have no concept of time metadata or markers between clips, iMovie is importing them as ONE HUGE CLIP! 90 minutes of video in one clip! Arghh…   I want to split it up into separate clips and events.  But it seems iMovie doesn’t seem to have an option to do this. And this is where the beauty and power of Google combined with the Blogosphere comes to help! Seems like Rob & Reb have already … Read More

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5 DailyMotion relaxing videos

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