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5 New Things We All Hate about Web Sites Internet Tech-Recipes – StumbleUpon

5 New Things We All Hate about Web Sites Internet Tech-Recipes – StumbleUpon. Yes all of these cause me to never return to a site. They show a disrespect of the audience.

First 3D Map of the Brains Connections – GEARFUSE – StumbleUpon

First 3D Map of the Brains Connections – GEARFUSE – StumbleUpon. Gorgeous and amazing image.



Tree of Life – the age of species on the earth

Download Graphic Images from the Hillis/Bull Lab – StumbleUpon. This would be an awesome poster for a science room.

Strange emails I get: May I guest post?

Spanish Ornithological Society

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Today I got an email from someone I had never heard of offering to write a guest article for my blog. I had never been approached for this before, and she included her URL so I took a look. It was a pretty spammy website. It had a huge number of outbound links. Clearly it was a link farm. In addition it had stock photos and looked like that old domain parking look. It had some articles that had a large number of links as well. Probably an SEO did that blog and is selling links.

It always surprises me that emails that I have received. Most of them I ignore, like the attempts to get me to write about their product or service that has no relevance to my audience. I wonder if they even look at the website they are trying to spam? What I don’t understand is that they expect to get people to link to them. They don’t offer anything unique so why should I?

Gatecreepers – Entries – > 23 Tools To Brainwash and Influence People Through Media

Archimedes Thoughtful

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Gatecreepers – Entries – > 23 Tools To Brainwash and Influence People Through Media. This is somewhat similar to my post about the 10 ways to catch errors in thinking. It is refreshing to read thoughtful self-examination like this.

Want the ultimate computer gaming monitor screen?

Ostendo CRVD 43″ Curved Display inStash – StumbleUpon. Only about $6,500 and this baby can be yours. Pretty neat that the resolution goes to 2880 x 900. I wonder if artists would buy this?

Phishers use new tricks to snare victims (via The Informative Report)

This is really nice website. It has some interesting content. I am going to take a look at the other articles. It is best not to click on any attachments you do not recognize.

Phishers use new tricks to snare victims To get around phishing blacklists in browsers, scammers are luring people by using HTML attachments instead of URLs, a security firm has warned. EditAn example of a phishing attack encouraging the recipient to download an HTML attachment and provide information. Note the poor grammar, “required informations”, which should be a red flag   Chrome and Firefox are good at detecting phishing sites and warning web surfers via a browser notice when … Read More

via The Informative Report

Congratulations! You have helped me test Google Website Optimizer

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Information that I will gather will result in an article about its possible usefulness for blog. This is the same page as the original one in all ways but two. It has more outbound links, and more post tags.

Sorry folks. This isn’t going to work. Apparently you need to install javascript on the pages and that is something that does not allow. If it was self-hosted then I could do this.  Perhaps there is another service that will accomplish this functionality.