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Why Cydia the alternative Apple App Store exists

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Jailbreaks and black market apps bite Apple – StumbleUpon. The founder Mr. Freeman who makes $250,000 in profit each year says:

”The whole point is to fight against the corporate overlord,” Mr Freeman said. ”This is a grassroots movement and that’s what makes Cydia so interesting. Apple is this ivory tower, a controlled experience, and the thing that really brought people into jailbreaking is that it makes the experience theirs.”

Toyota top complaint query in Google

Interesting that Toyota was number one. I used to have several in the past before I had problems with Toyota. Now Hyundai seems more reliable and better value.

via Cars, Restaurants, Financial Services Top Study Of “Complaint Searches”.

Prius Is Dirtier To Build Than Corolla…But Greener Than A Hummer – The Car Connection

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Prius Is Dirtier To Build Than Corolla…But Greener Than A Hummer – The Car Connection.  Hmm.  So then what is the greenest car?


E-Commerce News: Opinions: Is Apple the New Toyota?

E-Commerce News: Opinions: Is Apple the New Toyota?.  These are some of the thoughts I have wondered as well.  How much good will do consumers have toward these market leaders?

How to connect an iPhone4 with a Prius

Apple – Support – Discussions – iPhone4 will not pair with a Prius – a ….  Sailagain has the answer.

I got my iPhone 4 yesterday, and paired it with my Prius with no problems.

Did you click on the “add a new phone” on your Prius screen? Did you delete the old phone pair from the car, and try to reinstall?

It’s probably some step you are missing with the Prius – the phone is bluetooth – its a standard system. It wouldn’t be anything with the phone – especially if you have paired it with other bluetooth items (headset, or what not – then you know it isn’t the Phone).”

Does Customer Loyalty Brings Long-Term Sales?

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This person seems to think so.  I don’t think that there is such a thing as customer loyalty.  Even brands like Toyota which seemed impenetrable have issues.  So who can you trust?