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Attachment problems with emails from Textedit

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Apple – Support – Discussions – attachment problems ….  I didn’t even know this was possible.  According to etresoft:

By default, TextEdit runs in Rich Text mode that will generate documents that phones are unlikely to be able to open. Change the format to plain text with Format > Make Plain Text and save the file as .txt before attaching it.

That solved the issue for dogwalker 2.



Bugs & Fixes: Fix unreadable text in black Mail messages

So Mr. Landau suggests two fixes for this problem.

  • Click in the message area of the document and select “Make Plain Text” (Command-Shift-T) from the Format menu. While this tip works, it eliminates any hypertext links contained in the text. If you want to save such links, or otherwise preserve the initial rich text format…
  • Cut the entire text (using Command-A followed by Command-X) and press the Delete key. This removes the black background. Next, use Option-Shift-Command-V to paste back the cut text. The text will now be readable, with links preserved.

In Numbers do you need vertical text in a cell?

Barry has a couple of good suggestions.  Sort of obvious when you think about it.  One way is to narrow the size of the column.

Getting weird behavior in Apps like garbled text?

You can see a picture in this thread. You may be experiencing this problem if you use cheap fonts that may not have been properly made.  Try disabling all fonts you have loaded and restart and see if the same behavior occurs.  Bee has the solution.

Kernel panic with extra text

Apparently it was a honest mistake using the wrong restore disk.  Click here to find out the details about the solution.