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Several ways to record Hulu content for your iPhone

How to use Snow Leopards new QuickTime Screen Recording feature to… – StumbleUpon. Interesting methods and comments. Some programs make this process faster and easier. It should be obvious that this is illegal and doing this could get you in trouble.

When my iMac decided to kill itself (via miss cappuccino’s world)

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Normally this happens when the RAM in the machine has turned bad. Could happen with a voltage surge which happens if you don’t use a UPS. I would remove half the memory and if it still continues, swap it out and take out the memory that was in it. If it still crashes, then its time to suspect the hard drive or logic board.

When my iMac decided to kill itself Yesterday my iMac decided to commit suicide. It’s a machine after all and I keep on pushing it to work always more, non-stop. But wait a minute, isn’t that what machines are supposed to do? In the last couple of months my iMac has behaved more and more erratically. And this makes me angry. I depend on my PC and on the web. I love Apple. I love my iMac. I like Snow Leopard. But I hate every Mac OS X update from update 2 and up. During the last yea … Read More

via miss cappuccino’s world

Need to access program menus faster?

MenuPop Menu Utility Review Updated MacLife. I often see people with large monitors become very good at using keyboard commands because of the time it takes to move the mouse to the menu bar. This program is another alternative. The $5 program works in Snow Leopard programs and allows the menu to be available with a keystroke. Might save time. Would have been better to be activated with a right-click.

Time Machine wont start up when clicked on in dock


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Pondini solves the issue. Other common Time Machine issues can be found here.

That’s quite strange. :(

There must be something damaged in your installation of OSX. I’d suggest downloading and installing the 10.6.6 “combo” update. That’s the cleverly-named combination of all the updates to Snow Leopard since it was first released, so installing it should fix anything that’s gone wrong since then, such as with one of the normal “point” updates. Info and download available at: Be sure to do a Repair Permissions via Disk Utility (in your Applications/Utilities folder) afterwards.

If that doesn’t help, reinstall OSX from your Snow Leopard Install disc (that won’t affect anything else), then apply the “combo” again.

Did you know that Time Machine works great with many third party NAS?

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Time Machine wont start up ….

Speed up Mac OS X Leopard Locomotion

A Snow Leopard at the Toronto Zoo.

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Speed up Mac OS X Leopard Locomotion. These tips will work for Snow Leopard as well. This is a shorter and faster way but if this doesn’t help enough, you might benefit from using those other suggestions as well.

Help not working in Snow Leopard


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Apple – Support – Discussions – Help not working …. Drosser points out the solution.

defaults write WebKitJavaScriptEnabled 1

External HD Problem in Snow Leopard

GParted 0.3.5 running on ubuntu 8.04

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Apple – Support – Discussions – External HD Problem in Snow Leopard …. Lots of solutions for this.  The most reliable seems to be to use a 10.4 disk.  Other solutions of using 10.5/10.6 don’t always seem to work for everyone.    Some people used iPartition, while others used GParted or 3rd party utilities.  It is surprising that so many people are having this issue.



Thinking of burning an iDVD on Snow Leopard?

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Hours and hours to burn DVD. Really? ….  Some great information about times and ways to be more efficient.  Nice details!