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Campos de Calatañazor photo

Campos de Calatañazor

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Fun isn’t it?

Lexus unveils ‘world’s most advanced’ driving simulator (via )

They say their goal is to prevent accidents. So they are sharing their research? This is fascinating how complex this simulation is.

Lexus unveils 'world's most advanced' driving simulator At the Lexus research campus in Higashifuji, Japan, the automotive company has created what it claims is the most advanced driving simulator ever built. It consists of a domed pod, 15 feet high by 20 feet wide (4.57 x 6.1 m), which moves on a series of interlocking motion tracks within a hangar the size of a football stadium. Inside the pod, a full-size Lexus car is mounted on a turntable, and surrounded by an interactive 360-degree high-definiti … Read More


A Magnificent Flight: Airbus A-380 « Leitmotiv

A Magnificent Flight: Airbus A-380 « Leitmotiv.  I think people would fly more if they had these kinds of comforts.  Looks fantastic!

Mail Merge in iWork ’09

This gives you a good step by step on how this is done.  Really easy to do.