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Moving to self-hosted solution

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Hello readers, today I am starting to move to a self-hosted solution. Why? Because I was approached to have a banner ad and I would like to explore what self-hosting is like. So expect to see more articles about plug-ins and features for self-hosted WP sites.

It looks like there is an upgrade to WP today. There is a writing helper and Request feedback option below my new post. I wonder if this means that they are working towards optimizing SEO?

Manually provided DNS server addresses are higher priority than DHCP’s

Apple Type Services for Unicode Imaging

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Apple – Support – Discussions – Manually provided DNS server addresses ….  This is not official but it has been my experience as well.  Even better is to just avoid any DNS server that is questionable.


Ranting About My Radeon HD 4870 X2 « RaghuReport

Ranting About My Radeon HD 4870 X2 « RaghuReport.  Lots of people had problems with these units dying.  Guy is trying to get an upgrade for a fee rather than get back the same broken card.

How much Ram is enough? 6GB? More?

Then you will probably want to read this interesting article.  Click here.  Or you can read the summary “We can only recommend larger capacities of 8 GB to 12 GB for professional applications where its usefulness has already been documented and for servers. None of our tests required high-memory capacities and wasted RAM is a burden both financially and ecologically.”

Appleworks on a server

Appleworks on a server This method works but is kind of dangerous.  You might corrupt your file.  Make sure you have backups if you use this method.