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U.S. Feds get warrants to mine Facebook accounts (via )

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I commented on this article and said this:
Interesting. Why is there always money and time to catch the average citizen, but never enough to investigate and prosecute companies that make millions of dollars? Maybe having a Facebook account will help the government find out the truth of the BP oil spill.

Even the White House is helping this process. or click here.

U.S. Feds get warrants to mine Facebook accounts As if Facebook wasn’t already enough of a data mining operation, judges are allowing Feds to access account information such as addresses, telephone numbers, friends’ lists in order to… you guessed it: ‘fight crime’. By Robert Snell The Detroit News April 25, 2011 Federal investigators in Detroit have taken the rare step of obtaining search warrants that give them access to Facebook accounts of suspected criminals. The warrants let investigator … Read More


Reflecting on Valley View

Reflecting on Valley View

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I used to have a poster that looked like this. It would be wonderful to live here wouldn’t it?