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Ugh! My iPhone is spying on me … (via slappHappe)

Cell phone tower in Nyakrom, Agona District (e...

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Indeed. Why does Apple keep this information? What possible use could they have to allow people to be identified like this?

Ugh! My iPhone is spying on me ... Theres a Mac desktop which displays which cell towers you were in communication with — on a map, by date. The image above shows how I was tracked from February 16th, 2011 on a trip through Amish country (the actual trip took place from Friday 18th through Sunday 20th, so the app reads forward for a period from the date you currently have selected in the bottom slider). Sure, your cell phone service provider keeps similar recor … Read More

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How Green Is Your Cell Phone?: Cleantech News and Analysis

How Green Is Your Cell Phone?: Cleantech News and Analysis. Nice rating system. Apparently the iPhone and HTC only get average ratings. Something to consider when buying.

Cell Phone Etiquette


Cell Phone Etiquette Sometimes I have taken public transportation and people talk about the most personal things very loudly. We don’t need to hear about your medical or romantic problems.

Maximum PC The 15 Most Important Women in Tech History

Maximum PC The 15 Most Important Women in Tech History. This is a good list of famous women. Some names that you don’t expect on here.

Teaching My Silver Surfers! (via Technology Information)

Senior Citizens Find That New Ulm, Minnesota, ...

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Is this a touching thing to do? This man obviously values his elders and doesn’t consider the effort wasted. Every life is valuable.

Since I teach computers predominantly to seniors, my “Silver Surfers”, I am in a unique position to observe the challenges they face adjusting to the technology age. I have observed this with their use of cell phones, DVD players, TIVO, but predominantly with computers. In so many ways they are left behind and are running to catch up. They struggle to acquire basic computer skills. Moving and clicking a mouse while trying to assimilate what is ha … Read More

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How to Spy on Text Messages with Mobile Spy (via Fesi Blog)

Is this helpful or not? Probably not if you trust the person who has the phone.

Looking for the best way to spy on text messages on your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s cell phone? Online spy-tech resource the Cell Phone Spy is now featuring Mobile Spy – a program which secretly captures all mobile phone activity without the person ever knowing, and uploads it for you to see 24/7. The program records copies of text messages, emails, phone numbers dialed, received, GPS locations, and more. “Mobile Spy is an … Read More

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Marketing to Women – 7 Ways to Win (via Thoughts on Product Marketing)

Some good suggestions. It is surprising this doesn’t seem more well known.

Marketing to Women - 7 Ways to Win In the US, women decide $4.3 trillion of the $5.9 trillion consumers spend each year (Source: and have increasingly become key decision making authority in purchase decisions even for products that were considered male forte. No wonder this segment has become so important for marketers! Before we win this segment, let us understand some underlying factors that distinguish them from men: Social values- Men and women differ in their s … Read More

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You Are Not Your Phone

You Are Not Your Phone.  A examination of consumerism and the iPhone.