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Time spent with a newspaper in 2006 and in 2010

why-online-news-revenue-will-never-equal-newspaper-revenue-o.png from… – StumbleUpon. I had no idea so little time was being spend on news. Only 1 min and 12 seconds a day. How can you understand anything like that?

Rozando el cielo! photo

Rozando el cielo!

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Creative and great use of perspective.

Apple closes in on Microsoft in revenue race (via Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine)

I wonder if Microsoft is worried? How could Balmer allow this to happen?

Apple closes in on Microsoft in revenue race After living in the shadows of Microsoft for 30 years, Apple is just a hair behind Microsoft in sales. Will this quarter be the one? by Andy M. Zaky, contributor Whether it deserves it or not, Apple has held onto its lead over Microsoft in terms of market capitalization since it first surpassed it back in May. While it may be bigger in value thanks to a meteoric stock surge, Apple’s revenue and earnings still fall short compared to Microsoft. But … Read More

via Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis from Fortune Magazine

Microsoft suffers first fall in revenue (via Indonesianurbanfamily’s Blog)

So does this mean Microsoft needs to worry about needing a $150 million investment and support from Apple?

Microsoft suffers first fall in revenue Revenue for the year was down 3pc at $58.4bn as fourth-quarter sales slid 17pc to $13.1bn – well below analysts forecasts of $14.4bn. Even if the company had not deferred some Windows revenue, it still would have missed expectations by a wide margin. The results reflect how Microsoft’s fortunes are tied to the PC industry, which is expected to sell fewer computers this year than last — the first such decline since 2001. Many buyers are holding on … Read More

via Indonesianurbanfamily’s Blog

Curious about the sources of Apples revenue?

This is a nice chart that lets you see easily where the money is.  It really is amazing how helpful the iPhone has been for their economic recovery.  I hope it allows them to continue to innovate and create more breakthrough devices.