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iMovie 09 Introductory lessons

iMovie 09 – StumbleUpon. This has some interesting introductory information on how to use iMovie. It is a few years out of date, but still is useful. Has other good information about iDVD and iWeb as well.


Use QuickTime Player to create a video wall Software Mac OS X Hints Macworld

Use QuickTime Player to create a video wall Software Mac OS X Hints Macworld. This could save you some serious money compared to commercial solutions. Still it would probably be a pain to maintain and the money invested in a commercial program might be a better long-term choice.

3 ways to fix Cannot get past the find my… advert to reach the sync screen

Apple – Support – Discussions – Cannot get past the find my… advert ….

  1. Chris CA suggests: I highly suggest you download and install Find My IPad. It is free and helps you find, erase, lock your iPad if needed.
    Have you tried simply pressing Return to get past the screen?
    Also, try this…
    Quit iTunes.
    Go into Control Panel, Add/Remove programs, select QuickTime then Repair it.
  2. skips suggests: problem solved!i ticked the check for servers certificate revocation tab in internet options>advanced, and now it works, it went straight past the ad without even showing me it. it then came up with an itunes error -9808 but its allowing me to sync so i will just keep turning that on and off to switch between the two.

    thanks guys

  3. gr82bdanyelle suggests: I had the same problem yesterdaY. i JUST GOT A NEW ipod touch and it kept on saying that exact thing. I went on my ipod youch went to “setting” then “general”, then reset. once your at “reset”, I clicked “Erase all content and settings”, then it restarted (it may eject from itunes but it will connect again) and went to a white screen with ipod in the middle but I waited a few seconds and it went who owns this ipod but not the registry page. Its different. Then it went to the ordinary menu page with all tabs and stuff and it synced correctly. Hope this helps!:)

Transfer QT license from work PC to home PC

Mac OS X 10.5.4

Image by smenzel via Flickr

Dave Sawyer has the solution.

Yes, you can transfer the license. The license for QT Pro just restricts you from using a given key on more than one computer at a time. And you don’t need to uninstall QT. All you need to do on your work system when you want to transfer the key to your home system is delete the QuickTime preference file. In XP, at least, it’s here:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Apple Computer\QuickTime\ plist

Then you just enter in the user name and key on your home system. Note, though, that if your home system is a Mac and your work system is Windows, the key won’t work since QT Pro keys are not cross-platform.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – Transfer QT license from work PC to ….


Impossibly slow time line editing in iMovie

Apple – Support – Discussions – Impossibly slow time line editing ….  User PT seems to solve the problem with his suggestions.

A couple of things. First, you may need to run basic OS maintenance stuff if you haven’t already…

My standard list of things to do first for these weird sort of problems. There are several alternate programs that do the same things with some combining the functions of some of the ones below. So everyone has their favorites, but here are mine…

  • Run MacJanitor (free download) to do all the Unix Cron Maintenance scripts.
  • Run Disk Utility (Applications -> Utilities) and repair disk permissions on your start up drive (typically your internal drive). Also verify any other drives mounted on the system, especially any external drives that you use for iMovie and iDVD projects.
  • Run Preferential Treatment (free download) to check for corrupt/damaged application and system preference files.
  • Run Cache Out X (free download) to clear all system and application caches.
  • Reboot your Mac (after running Cache Out X you are given the option to restart the machine).

Keep in mind that many of the above applications have different versions for Panther vs. Tiger and later versions.

Additional info on this sort of thing…

Macintosh OS X Routine Maintenance

Maintaining Mac OS X

Also, what version of QT are you running? Did you recently upgrade it? My own experience, and one that was reflected in many other posts here by other people, is that 10.3.9, iMovie4 and QT v7.x do not play well together. For OS 10.3.9 it is strongly suggested to stick with QT 6.x (whatever the last version was of QT6). QT7 and OS 10.3.9 are a known bad combo when working with iMovie4 and iDVD4.

And as already pointed out by another poster, trying a new user account to see if it is a system wide issue or just a problem with your user account is a good check.


Two ways to Disable iSight

Apple FireWire webcam

Image via Wikipedia

Apple – Support – Discussions – Disable iSight ….

1.  Use Parental Controls

2.  You do not tell us which Mac and Mac OS you are using.

If you have a built-in iSight and have removed the “QuickTimeUSBVDCDIgitizer.component” file from your computer’s HardDriveName > System > Library > QuickTime folder, restart your Mac and try again. Your built-in iSight should no longer work with any app.

If you are using external (Firewire) iSight, you need only unplug the Firewire cable to disable your iSight.  (Thanks EZ Jim)


Apple had two months to fix critical QuickTime bug, says researcher – Computerworld

Apple had two months to fix critical QuickTime bug, says researcher – Computerworld.  For such a simple fix why didn’t they do it?

Quicktime Pro not playing movies from older mac?

This thread has some great suggestions.  Both updating the codecs and checking to see what format the movie is in is very helpful.  I always install VLC as well so that usually means I don’t install the separate codecs that are mentioned in this thread.