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Saving to a pdf in Google docs is twice the size of a word file and larger than Word saving to a PDF

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Has anyone used Google docs to save to a word file and also to a pdf? Without changing anything between the two the PDF is 180kb and the word doc is 90kb. Isn’t the advantage of a PDF that it compresses unnecessary information? When I compress the same file from the 90kb word file in Microsoft Word 2011 to a PDF on a Mac I get 150kb. What is the other 30k doing in that PDF file? Has anyone else noticed that Google docs makes chunky PDF’s?

Why the iPad Will Not Save the Publishing Industry –

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Why the iPad Will Not Save the Publishing Industry – I am not convinced with this article. Still it is something to consider.

QuarkXPress 7.5 Crashes on Opening-Software Conflict with OS 10.6.3?

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Apple – Support – Discussions – QuarkXPress 7.5 Crashes on Opening- …. Quark offers version 8 now and they always say that only their newest version is compatible. The various solutions in this thread don’t fix the issues for everyone. Quark has always had issues however.

removing all annotations in preview for sharing

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As TeenTitan said:

If your using preview. You can actually pull up a list of all Annotations. Using this list you can select all the Annotations and then delete all the annotations at the same time.

How to do this:
in preview, with your PDF open.
go to the menu bar
click on the “View” menu
from the “view menu” chose “SideBar.”
from the submenu “SideBar” chose “Annotations”
On the right side of the PDF, Instead of a list of page you should now have a list of “Annotations.” click on any of the Annotations listed.
go to the menu bar
click on the “Edit” menu
choose “Select All”
Press the “delete” key

At this point you could use Save As to re-save the file as the ‘share friendly” version of the PDF.

via Apple – Support – Discussions – removing all annotations in preview for ….


Adobe Acrobat X: Do you feel safe yet? Antivirus

Adobe Acrobat X: Do you feel safe yet? Antivirus.  I used to love PDFs but since all of the security issues I try to avoid them when I can.

7 Reasons Why I Switched to WordPress (via Tiny Island)

WordPress has made blogging fun. I am not sure that I would want to blog without the variety and professional look that WP enables.

7 Reasons Why I Switched to WordPress Found this cool infographic at TechKing and it confirms to me that I am on the right blogging service. It’s good to know that WordPress is ranked by Google as the number 1 blogging service. I started off with blogger, but these are the reasons I am glad my cousin got me blogging on WordPress instead: 1. WordPress has so much more in terms of Themes 2. You can always look forward to new themes and features 3. An addictive stats charts I check too … Read More

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Adobe launches Project Rome Publishing Creative Notes Macworld

Adobe launches Project Rome Publishing Creative Notes Macworld.  This sounds pretty useful.  I think I am going to download this.

Two ways to convert .pages to word.

Method 1:  Thanks Jacko30!

If you rename the pages file to zip and open it, the is a pdf in there. in the quicklook folder.

via convert pages to word – MacTalk Forums.

Method 2:

on open theDocuments repeat with aDocument in theDocuments tell application "Pages" open aDocument set thePath to the path of the front document set theWordPath to thePath & ".doc" save the front document as {"doc", "SLDocumentTypeMSWord"} in theWordPath close the front document saving no end tell end repeat end open