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Moving to self-hosted solution

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Hello readers, today I am starting to move to a self-hosted solution. Why? Because I was approached to have a banner ad and I would like to explore what self-hosting is like. So expect to see more articles about plug-ins and features for self-hosted WP sites.

It looks like there is an upgrade to WP today. There is a writing helper and Request feedback option below my new post. I wonder if this means that they are working towards optimizing SEO?

Some text layers may need to be updated before they can be used for vector based output

Adobe Photoshop CS
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Apple – Support – Discussions – Updated to 10.6.4 and now a Photoshop ….  Turns out that it had to do with fonts and it was no big deal for him.  Still for designers it is helpful to understand what is happening with fonts in this discussion.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 runs out of memory -108

Twitpic – Share photos on Twitter.  There are two solutions from this webpage.

  1. I had the same problem and I went to DocumentsandSettings\user\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe\ Illustrator CS2 Settings and erased everything inside the folder, then I opened Illustrator and all worked fine.
  2. We were having the same problems and we changed the “Plug-ins and Scratch Disks” preference for Primary AND Secondary to “MAC HD” instead of “Startup” and everything is wonderful

Adobe Licensing for this product has stopped working

Photoshop og resten av CS nekter på tross av ekte lisens å … on Twitpic.  The solution for this is covered in this Adobe TechNote.

Discussion of older Photoshop and compatibility with Mac OS X versions

Apple – Support – Discussions – installing/using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 ….  You really don’t want to use that version of Photoshop since it was the first one.  This has a great discussion if you are looking to use an older version of Photoshop or Creative Suite with a modern Mac OS X system.

18 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

18 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your Blog.  This has some great suggestions.  It is a great place to start if you have a self hosted blog.