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Moving to self-hosted solution

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Hello readers, today I am starting to move to a self-hosted solution. Why? Because I was approached to have a banner ad and I would like to explore what self-hosting is like. So expect to see more articles about plug-ins and features for self-hosted WP sites.

It looks like there is an upgrade to WP today. There is a writing helper and Request feedback option below my new post. I wonder if this means that they are working towards optimizing SEO?

Adobe Illustrator CS5 runs out of memory -108

Twitpic – Share photos on Twitter.  There are two solutions from this webpage.

  1. I had the same problem and I went to DocumentsandSettings\user\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe\ Illustrator CS2 Settings and erased everything inside the folder, then I opened Illustrator and all worked fine.
  2. We were having the same problems and we changed the “Plug-ins and Scratch Disks” preference for Primary AND Secondary to “MAC HD” instead of “Startup” and everything is wonderful

Accidentally deleted the Quicktime plugin?

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Fortunately you can fix this problem without reinstalling/retyping your serial number.  “I found a solution after much searching online.

I downloaded QuickTime 7.6.6 from Apple.

I opened the DiskImage.

I downloaded the application Pacifist. And used this program to open the Package file inside. I found the plug-ins and extracted them to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins.

The problem was that QuickTime Plugin.plugin and QuickTime Plugin.webplugin were accidentally deleted. I tried to reinstall QuickTime from the Mac OS X DVDs and from standalone files from Apple, but for some reason the plug-ins weren’t installed into /Library/Internet Plug-Ins.”